Being Normal (Crazy)

The term ‘normal’ is always ever-changing and always somewhat nonsensical.  To many people, if you are not normal then you are something negative like weird or stupid.  Everything that is presently normal was or would have have been weird in the past at some point.  Normal just means acceptable.  Not normal means not what most people would typically accept.

Being a geek was considered weird in the 90’s.  If you were heavily into Magic Cards, Star Wars, Comics then you were not considered normal. It’s very acceptable now and it’s bordering on the cool side to be a geek.  There’s not a lot of shame anymore in participating in Cosplays and Comic Cons.  There’s lots of comic stores here where people meet up and play Magic Cards every Friday night.  That never existed when I was growing up.

Believing in organized religion is supposed to be normal.  If you tell someone that you believe in one of the mainstream religions they won’t think you are weird.  A person who chooses to work less than 40 hours a week would be considered less normal than someone who thinks that some guy built an ark, managed to get 2 of each animal in there and survived a bunch of days through this horrifying storm without anyone eating each other.  How come people who believe this are considered normal and not crazy?  Does it get any crazier?

Knowing that people believe all these crazy things and consider it normal always makes me question everything that is considered normal. When there are enough people doing something crazy, you will see examples of success which reinforces that idea.  I often think the idea of accepting to work for 3 decades full time at a not very pleasurable job/career so that you can have this normal life is pretty crazy.  I can only rationalize it because so many people have done it.  Whether they have succeeded or not is a different story but it can always be justified cause it’s the normal way of life.

It always comes down to the same thing.  You don’t want to deviate from normal because you will be rejected by everyone who is normal which is often everyone in your world whether it be the people you already know or the strangers you meet on the street.  If they had hundreds of places where people who liked to wear their underwear on their head could meet up every Sunday then you would see more people wearing their underwear on their head.

Normal is the foundation for the justification of our life.  Normal is like a sanctuary for decisions that you made that turned out unfavourably.  It sucked and you hated it but you can find some peace from it because what you did was normal.

If you have trouble being motivated to want to be normal then it should be almost considered a disability or handicap.  Having a disability means that you have an impairment in your ability to function in a society compared to most people.  But if you don’t hear voices or don’t want to kill yourself badly enough then you are considered normal and have to reach into your inner strength to find your own shining path in life. No promises on the path shining.




4 comments on “Being Normal (Crazy)

  1. Rocco Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Normal can kiss my butt!! LOL


  3. Anonymous says:

    Normal is a relative term.


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