Life, People, Religion, Shitty Parents

No one really cares about how you got to where you are.  They only care about the end product.  If you are rich then you are rich, it doesn’t matter if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.  If you are a dickhead person, no one cares that you were raised by shitty people.  We often conclude that a person is the way they are because they were born that way.  There’s always an explanation why people are the way they are.

Shitty parents make shitty children who will probably grow up to be shitty people.  If not then at least there is a higher chance.  Think about it this way.  If you wanted to be a plumber and the person who taught you all about plumbing was a shitty plumber then chances are you are going to be a shitty plumber or it will take longer than it could have to become a good plumber.  It’s the same with life.  If you have a good teacher for life then you will have an easier time.

Anytime I meet  someone who seems to be a good person the first thing I think is that they had at least one good parent.  When I say good I don’t mean the classical sense of good like a good job.  I mean if they are less selfish than most and have an evolved way of thinking in the positive sense.

I feel shitty sometimes about the things that I write because I know there are people out there who live these good lives and think I am retarded.  There seems to be people out there who seem so happy just because the sun is shining and I can’t quite understand.  If it was that easy then we should all move closer to the equator.  When I meet happy people I am convinced they had good parents.  Have you ever met happy people with shitty parents?

When you hear the term religion you think of this set of rules that people believe in and if you don’t believe in it then it sounds crazy.  If you think about it everyone is religious in their own way.  What ever beliefs you have is your religion basically.  It’s a cultural norm that you shouldn’t criticize anyone’s religious beliefs but any other belief is free game.  People off the street will tell you how you should live your life.

That’s what life is all about I think.  Belonging somewhere with people who believe the same thing as you.  That’s how friendships stay alive.  Not because people like each other but because they believe in the same thing.  Once you stop believing then you are going to go your separate ways.  No Muslim is going to hang out with a Christian for very long.

People don’t know what to make of me at work.  There’s the ones who don’t talk to no one and the ones that want to integrate with anyone who is willing.  I like to joke around and people enjoy talking to me but they think there’s something a bit off cause I never try to become one of them.  I’m just too jaded to try to be in any group anymore.  I’m sick of the small talk, gossiping, unintelligent thoughts and uninteresting conversation.  It’s not a bad workplace though since everyone respects the wishes that I seem to project.

Recently I was thinking about the positive things that have happened in my life since becoming a loner.  I’ve become a better person and I’m way more intelligent than before.  So I like to think.  Doesn’t everyone think they are intelligent?  Who ever says that they are stupid?  I’m able to put my ego aside when having discussions and can admit my flaws.  The drawback is that I can easily see when other people are delusional. I think most people are delusional in some aspects of their life and it makes it hard for me to want to be around them.  I trespassed on another level and can’t go back.

I used to put up with people cause I thought I had to.  It was part of my religious belief.  I used to go out with people not because I thought it was going to be fun but because I thought it was better than staying home or because I thought I had to.  Now I would rather be alone than with most people in my life.  Them trying to convince me that I’m wrong is typical.  It’s like a bunch of Christians trying to pull back someone that is at the hands of the ‘devil.’  I guess as human beings we’re just self-centered in that we think our life is the best life.





10 comments on “Life, People, Religion, Shitty Parents

  1. Man Gone Mad says:

    First of all, allow me to express that I enjoyed this article very much, and I can say that I 90% agree with what you wrote.

    Personally, I think I stopped hanging out with some people because I value my time with myself alone, I enjoy my solitude too much to waste that time hanging out with people that add nothing to my pursuit in becoming a better man. If I’m going to be with someone they’re gonna have to be better than me, to add to me more than I can add to myself on my own.




    • MrJohnson says:

      Permission granted to express your flattery. So what was the 10% that you didn’t agree with? lol

      Time is like money. As you get older you have less time and therefore spend it more wisely. If you spend it with people who do nothing for you in anyway or ever worse take away from you then it’s like buying garbage with your money.

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      • chazandbean says:

        Well I agree wholeheartedly with both of you. I have been living the loner lifestyle for a couple years now but I know I’m not really a loner. I have learned to love myself and live with myself, even to let me teach myself. I cherish my solitude.

        And yet I find myself desiring human interaction. You say that you prefer to be alone than with most people. Think of the people you would actually want to be around. Don’t you think there are more people out there with whom we could form bonds? And how do we find those people? We know they are looking, and we need to look too. Doubles the odds of finding each other.

        That’s basically how it goes in my head. On the subject of garbage money, I have done a lot of good things with my solitude. I’ve also done some pretty stupid things. I wouldn’t say I’ve hamstrung myself, it’s just going to take a while before I can move quickly again.


        • MrJohnson says:

          I feel the same. I desire human interaction as well. Although I haven’t totally given up on meeting people, I find it difficult to be positive about it. Especially when it comes to throwing myself out there with strangers. I like your positive mindset though.


  2. Man Gone Mad says:

    Thank you!

    I disagree with ” No Muslim is going to hang out with a Christian for a very long time.”; I believe that all religions or beliefs have common grounds between them, once people find them and stopped criticizing each other’s religion they can live in harmony with each other (Not extremists of course, that shit doesn’t work with them). lol


  3. richbrunelle says:

    I have only two points relevant to this topic. It is common for people raised by shitty parents to rebel against their upbringing to be a better person than their parents. This requires understanding that parenting skills are not genetic, you have to learn these skills . . . and, most parents fail in one way or another. Often the family that appears to most successful in this regard, produces the opposite in their children. There is no true set of rules for parenting that guarantees success for your children. At best raising children is a “crap shoot” that you pray you roll to win. Most parenting failures are due to the influence of outside factors such as environment, peers, and education. Trying to rear children in a country where you cannot spank your children as a corrective measure, but the government can imprison them for life as a corrective measure is ridiculous.

    On the issue of religion. There will always be those of every religion that do not completely believe in their religion. A true follower of the Islamic faith will never befriend a Christian, will never accept the western way of life, and regardless his location, will eagerly act upon the wishes of a religious leader regardless the act. In all non-Islam nations the government is the power. In Islamic nations the religion is the power.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I agree that it is common for people to be better people than their parent but I think often it takes them well into their adult years if they are to be significantly better. I’m not sure it is as common for those people become happy people though.

      There definitely is no sure thing when it comes to raising children to become happy functioning adults. I think the majority of time if a parent has a good relationship with their kids the likelihood of those kids turning out decent are pretty good. They may sway to the side of drugs or some other negative lifestyle but if they really care about their parents, I think they usually come around. Of course I have no stats to back up anything I’m saying. I’m just taking my experience from having many friends when I was growing up and knowing how things turned out. I can tell you one thing though..a family with money and love is a lot less likely to fail with their kids. I guess ‘fail’ is a subjective term though.

      I’ve seen a lot of parents fail in the conventional sense but they are not able to put their ego aside to blame themselves for anything. But if the kid succeeds they take all the credit. Having known many friends who fell into the world of drugs, in some form or another, I theorize it was due to the lack of love and understanding the parent provided or was able to provide. Not wanting to disappoint your parents will prevent a kid from doing certain things. Not caring how your parents will feel can send a teenager any which way the wind blows.

      It’s true. There are a lot of semi-believers of their own religion. I think sometimes they don’t really believe but are scared not to in case there is actually is a Utopian afterlife. Ya, I can’t see either how a really faithful Muslim could be around a person of another religion very often. It just wouldn’t work out so well.


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