Another Day With My Manager

Yesterday I had my yearly ride along with my manager (I deliver parcels for a job).  This year I felt a little different about it.  I really didn’t care too much.  The worst possible outcome is that I get a somewhat shitty score which affects my raise which is pretty insignificant.  I guess when you don’t really even care about getting fired then you don’t really care about anything else to do with your job.

My manager is a really nice guy and the best manager I have ever had in my life.  He says he only took the manager position cause he wanted the employees to have a manager that would look out for their best interests.

As much as I like him he is a little too normal for me.  The whole day he kept giving me advice that every other adult has given me.

Him: Do you contribute to registered retirement savings?”

Me: I used to.

Him: It’s something that you will want to do cause you don’t want to be broke when you are older.

Me:  I’m hoping to not live that long.

I’m not saying I think he lives a shitty life.  He works and enjoys his off time as much as anyone can.  He’s just probably more mentally stable than I am and had a more nurturing upbringing.

We got to talking about family inheritance.  He griped about how old folks with a decent net worth should start giving away their money before they die instead of making people wait.  I agreed with him and told him why I think they hold out until the very end.  If you give away your money to people before you die, there’s a possibility that they will ditch you but if you make them wait then they will be nice to you until you die. Sometimes I wonder if I would totally ditch my mother if she had nothing to offer me after death.

He always tries to convince me to go on vacations somewhere because most of the time I don’t go anywhere.  Most people think you are depriving yourself if you don’t go somewhere.  Perhaps that is the case if your intent is to work for the rest of your life.  He doesn’t realize that my goal in life is a permanent vacation as soon as possible.

I probably shouldn’t say most of the things that I say to him.  He commented on the number of massage parlours on my route.  I told him about this website that tells you if these places provide sexual services.  A few seconds after I said it I kind of regretted it.  He must think I go to these places cause I also told him in detail how these websites cover up the fact that they do illegal services by using code words and abbreviations. Just the fact that I know about this website makes me look guilty.  He probably thinks I drop by there during my lunch break.

He told me he has a bit of an issue with insomnia.  I told him he should smoke some weed.  He laughed and didn’t think I was serious.

If my life and goals are the same next year then he’s probably going to lecture me like the father I never had.  I guess someone has to do it.







4 comments on “Another Day With My Manager

  1. Sometimes lectures from someone who has your best interests at heart aren’t all that bad…


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