Finding a Way Out of Working

I am like a mouse and 9 to 5 is my maze that I’m constantly trying to find a way out of.  I don’t really care if there is a piece of cheese waiting for me on the outside or not.  All that matters is that I find a way out without getting my tail snapped off.  As many as you working stiffs like myself may know, it’s not an easy task.

There was this one desperate idea that I came up with.  The plan would be to have a rich homosexual man fall in love with me.  I figure if the majority of heterosexual males lust after Asian women then the majority of homosexual males feel the same towards Asian guys.  I keep my body in pretty decent shape, look young for my age, I naturally have very little body hair and I’ve even had a stripper comment on how smooth my skin is.

My idea seemed okay until the thought of getting butt plugged by a guy would be a reality.  Possibly a daily reality.  That didn’t sit well with me and I probably wouldn’t be able to sit well either.  A better plan would be to get into the drug game and try to make it rich that way.  If I succeed then it’s all good.  If I don’t succeed and go to jail then I can get butt raped but this idea at least gives me a chance to not give my asshole up right away.


12 comments on “Finding a Way Out of Working

  1. ntfcnicky says:

    ‘I probably wouldn’t be able to sit well either.’ haha, that made me laugh. I think it’s a good plan personally.


  2. kalyrical says:

    HAHA! this made me laugh. Actually laugh. You’ve got quite a few contingency plans there..


  3. Jatty says:

    Just don’t give up your virgin As Ho until the homosexual signs those marriage papers(no prep nups of course). A few weeks after marriage – go file a divorce and take half his assets!


    • MrJohnson says:

      I think you are predicting a future that will be commonplace in the near future…gold digging gay guys.


      • Jatty says:

        Jamie Foxx will have to change his song.

        Cutie he’s the bomb, met him at a beauty salon
        With a baby Louis Vuitton under him underarm
        He said I can tell you rock, I can tell by your charm
        Far as guys you got a cock, I can tell by your charm and your arm
        But I’m looking for the one, have you seen him?
        My psychic told me he’ll have a ass like Kareem
        Cena, Mario Lopez, four kids
        And I gotta take all they bad asses to showbiz?
        Ok, get your kids but then they got their friends
        I pulled up in the Benz, they all got up in
        We all went to din and then I had to pay
        If you fucking with this guy then you better be paid
        You know why? It take too much to touch him
        From what I heard he’s got a baby with Emma
        My best friend say he use to fuck with Usher
        I don’t care what none of y’all say, I still love him

        Now I ain’t saying he a gold digger
        But he ain’t messing with no broke niggas
        Now I ain’t saying he a gold digger
        But he ain’t messing with no broke niggas

        Get down boy, go ‘head, get down
        Get down boy, go ‘head, get down
        Get down boy, go ‘head, get down
        Get down boy, go ‘head, get down


  4. Anonymous says:

    This made me laugh suddenly and I choked on my spit. But the thing is, getting rich won’t make you happy. Seriously. I know people who were miserable when they weren’t rich, then they got rich and they got even more miserable eventually. Happiness is a mindset that exists regardless of ones financial position. People who tie it to wealth are naïve.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Those people you know didn’t suffer enough before they became rich..haha. Being rich would make me happy because it would take a huge chunk of misery from my life that I would never have to deal with again. Maybe I wouldn’t be happy but I would be at total peace.


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