Like Family

When most people define ‘family’ it’s usually a title reserved for people who share blood or who are related by law.  In order to have long lasting relationships you have to consider each other family otherwise the people in your life will just become a girlfriend or boyfriend in your early 20’s.  They will be people who will be with you when it’s easy but once you want different things you will part ways.

It’s weird, when you have it in your head that you are not family you automatically allow yourself to cut ties with that person much easier.  To me family goes past blood.  Family are the people you want in your regular life not just somewhere in your life.  You don’t have to be related by blood or by law to be family.  Your pet is your family cause it is with you everyday and you treat it like family.

If you don’t treat someone like family then they are likely to drift away.  Family is your tribe.  When humans were more of a tribal community they saw each other everyday.  It didn’t matter who shared blood.  If you don’t feel the family bond then your instincts are to go else where.

It’s just the same with blood.  Someone can be your dad or brother but if they don’t treat you like family then they are just another person.  People like to abuse those family titles and just as many people buy into it.  You don’t treat your brother like a brother if he treats you like a 3rd class acquaintance.

We have titles for people in our lives like friend, godfather, best man but they mean nothing if you don’t treat them like family.  In your head and in theory you think you can remain close with those people without ever seeing each other but in reality it’s just not true.  Everything works in theory cause we can rationalize it in our heads.


4 comments on “Like Family

  1. kalyrical says:

    So true. Seeing past the fact that family is simply for blood relations is something many people have yet to realize. I mean, I definitely have a few friends that feel more like family than my aunts/uncles/cousins. And there definitely is the fact that what you put into a relationship is what you get. Good food for though post!


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya, once we have a thought solidified in our mind we don’t attempt to ever look at it any other way.

      And yes, what you put into a relationship is what you get out of it. Many people end up putting in next to nothing, hoping the relationship can run well on fumes.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Relationships are different for everyone, but the fact is that family ties are permanent blood ties that can never be broken. If you argue with family, seldom does it lead to lifelong silence. If you argue badly with a friend, it could lead to you two never talking again. I agree that you can make a family with anyone, but blood ties are the ones that are usually the strongest. From what I’ve seen, people who are not close to their real family are not truly close to anyone else either. The closest thing to true family are close childhood friends that remain in touch as you grow up.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It’s true that blood ties will stay together more often than non-blood ties but I think a lot of it has to do with culture. We think we have to make amends and rough it out with people who carry the labels of mother, father, sister, cousin, etc. It’s also difficult to disband completely from one family member because you would have to separate yourself from other family members. For example, if I no longer wanted to see my brother at family dinners then I would have to stop seeing the rest of the family as well.

      I would say that growing up together helps form a strong bond but sharing blood means nothing.


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