Conversation With a Coworker

Me: So you have a week off next week.  You going anywhere?

Him: Going to Cuba

Me: Nice!  Just you and the wife?

Him: The kids too

Me:  Really?  Can’t you leave them here or somewhere?

Him: My wife wants the kids to come

Me: Why?

Him: Are you married?

Me: No

Him: I didn’t think so cause if you were you would know why

Me: Okay.  So why?

Him: Bringing the kids ensures there will be no intimacy

Me: Oh

Him: Happy wife, happy life.  Unhappy wife, unhappy life


Glorified sperm donor ?

Happy wife or unhappy wife = kill myself



5 comments on “Conversation With a Coworker

  1. I will never understand the concept of wives not wanting intimacy. When I was married, many moons ago, those roles were reversed. It was super frustrating.


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