Washing Down Sugar with Sugar

Humans have certain cravings when it comes to taste.  These cravings are to ensure that you intake the required nutrients.  I haven’t read this anywhere but I’m sure it’s the case.

One of the cravings is sweetness and the only natural form of this in nature is fruit.  I guess honey is too but by far, fruit holds the Sweet Championship.  Fruits have many essential vitamins, minerals and often a decent amount of water.  An apple is comprised of about 80% water.  Cavemen didn’t have books on nutrition so they relied on their instincts to take care of them.

A main health concern is that we get too much sugar in our diet from unnatural sources like ice cream, sodas, desserts, etc.  We also get too much sugar from grain and wheat products like rice and bread.  We tend to include a significant amount of starchy carbohydrates in all of our meals.  Bread with your sandwiches, potatoes with your meat, rice with your stir fry.  Although they contain a significant amount of sugar, there is no sweetness to the taste so your craving for something sweet does not get satisfied.  To satisfy the sweet desire we often supplement our meals with dessert or a sugary drink.  Seems harmless but that’s a sugar overload.

When you take in too much sugar your body is put under stress and needs to do something with that excess sugar.  Once your muscles have been fully fueled, your body will start storing the remaining sugar into fat.  On top of that it is causing inflammation within your body and suppressing your immune system.  I would explain how inflammation works inside your body but I can’t which makes the rest of this article seem not very credible.  

For example, a McDonald’s meal consists of a burger, fries and a soft drink.  Each of them has about 50 grams of carbohydrates/sugar, combining for a total of about 150 grams.  That’s the equivalent of eating around 5 large bananas for a meal in terms of sugar intake.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat 5 bananas at one time or want to anyway.  The thought of it kind of grosses me out.  Although there is this 30 bananas a day diet that had some popularity.  I think there’s this natural instinct that stops us from ingesting too much of something but it only works well if the food that you are ingesting is natural.

I believe the biggest reason for weight gain and failure of weight loss is the abundance of sugar that is taken in at one time.  Even if you took in the same amount of sugar but were able to spread out the consumption throughout the day, I think it would have some positive impact on your weight.  It’s kind of like alcohol.  If you drink 5 shots of tequila within 15 minutes it would probably hit you pretty hard compared to taking those 5 shots in the span of 2 hours or longer.

I’m going to submit this article to the leading health and nutrition academies in hopes that they will publish my article in their next scientific journals.


5 comments on “Washing Down Sugar with Sugar

  1. kalyrical says:

    It honestly is sometimes hard to remember that the greasy, salty McDonald’s burger you just had actually contains sugar. And I mean, I’m all for bananas, but nope, you’re right, never gone over perhaps…2?


  2. yup…I cut back on carbs completely (I have the occasional piece of toast here and there though) and no fast food and significantly lowered portions and exercise regularly now and look at that…67 lbs gone! Who knew! 😛


    • MrJohnson says:

      Good job! I think 99.9% of people can lose weight if they wanted to but so many just blame their ‘metabolism.’ If someone can stay fat by eating anything they want and an anorexic can lose too much weight by not eating anything then one should be able to lose decent weight by doing something in the middle. But then there’s the addiction side of it which makes it a whole new ball game.


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