No Excuses

“Once you understand the way broadly, you can see it in all things”

– Miyamoto Musashi

I’m not the most positive person.  I’m kind of like a shitty Christian when it comes to thinking positive.  I believe in it but not enough that I will actually live my life accordingly.  You increase your chances by taking the positive route but often it’s just so much easier not to.  For the majority of human existence, we have been programmed to take the side of comfort because comfort means safety.  In today’s world comfort is almost becoming a bad word.  Apparently the comfort zone is for wussies who have no ambition.

Every positive mantra is likely to be mostly true.  As accurate as they may be, it means very little until you embrace it.  I used to eat a really shitty diet on top of an unhealthy lifestyle that consisted of binge drinking alcohol and an erratic sleeping schedule.  I just thought that was the way I should have been living life no matter how shitty I felt.

That lifestyle toned down when I got to my late 20’s and someone kind of turned me on to healthier eating.  I was bored and curious so I thought why not.  I tried it out for a month and noticed some improvement in all departments but quit shortly after.  A few more months passed and I just decided to go full out.  NO EXCUSES.

I rejected every invite that involved eating crappy and staying out late which meant I rejected every invite.  I didn’t care if it was a free meal or free ticket to a late night show, the answer was no.  I wanted a change in my life just because I wanted change.  I stopped drinking alcohol, kept a regular sleeping schedule and even started studying Buddhism. During this time I barely spent any money cause I stopped going out and adopted the Buddhist principle of living simple.

Eating healthy made me lose some weight so I started hitting the gym.  I didn’t gain any weight from working out cause of my lack of calorie intake but it changed the way my body looked.  I stuck with this healthy lifestyle regimen for quite a while without going off track for the most part.

All I consumed 90% of the time was baked meat, steamed vegetables, fruit, water and green tea.  My idea of cheating at that time was 72% dark chocolate but not even a whole bar just a third of it.  I cooked all my meals and brought lunch to work every day.  Some people criticized me but it didn’t bother me cause I was feeling too good.  It’s a good example of how people will often encourage you to do what they do even if they are fat bloated fucks trying to give you health advice.  I’m starting to think I should absolutely not do what most people believe is right.   To them I was “crazy.”  I guess trying to be healthy puts you in the same league as serial killers.

I’m slowly becoming a piece of shit again but not completely and probably never completely cause the thought of it is just too disgusting.  I don’t want unexpected stomach aches and a lack of sleep if I can help it.  I still haven’t had a soda and it’s been like 3 years.  I have pizza a couple times a year and I miss KFC or any FC for that matter.

Although the super healthy days have slowly deteriorated to semi-healthy days, I will always remember how I was able to achieve success.  There will always be an excuse available.  Even if there isn’t you will make one up.  Once you start giving into excuses it’s the beginning of the end. But maybe you just don’t want it that badly or you need more inspiration.  I’m hoping for something to motivate me again where it will inspire me enough to not make excuses.  I find that with fitness and diet goals the only thing that can really stop you is yourself cause no one else is involved.  When it comes to goals that involve people like a girlfriend, friends or anything where it involves people having to like you and you liking them, it’s a different story.  I find it much easier to be negative cause I’m not in total control.    Maybe it’s a good reason to be negative but it’s not going to help with my roneriness cause in order to not be ronery you have to interact with people.

So if you really want something…NO EXCUSES!



3 comments on “No Excuses

  1. tedgaming says:

    You say you’re waiting for something to motivate you again but isn’t that an excuse already? You should re-listen to the Brody Stevens episode of JRE for motivation, lol.

    I never liked that mushashi quote that Joe Rogan keeps repeating. Over time, I’m starting to like it more, but my biggest problem with it is the word “broadly”. That feels like shitty translation and sounds awkward.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yes it is sort of an excuse that’s why nothing is happening. I obviously don’t want it bad enough. I think I sort of remember that episode. I’ll check it out again. I found that I can re-listen to old JRE and actually enjoy it. Probably because I listened to a lot of them while I was working so I don’t take in everything.

      Hmmm..I can’t think of another word that could replace ‘broadly’ but then again I don’t know that many words.


      • tedgaming says:

        It was an early episode. I only brought it up because brody stevens says he should start working out again soon and joe rogan just does his rude relentless thing and telling brody to just start now and that he should stop procrastinating and just do it, lol. Interestingly, right after writing that last comment, the JRE i’m listening to just changed to next episode and it’s brody stevens. I think his first episode was like episode 50-ish and I’m at 424 right now, his 2nd appearance, so I’d say it’s a pretty big coincidence.

        For the quote, I think the whole quote needs to be replaced. Without explanation, I don’t think you can actually understand what the quote is trying to say.


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