Starving Your Life to Death

We all need to eat to live.  If you starve yourself long enough you will not be able to function properly and eventually die.  I think it’s the same with our personal life.  There’s this life that you have that has been built and sustained by years of experiences, people, information and beliefs.  If you starve this life, it can also die and never be resuscitated.

Many people go about life with certain beliefs and through their journey they get positive reinforcement to keep them going. Positive reinforcement is like food and nutrition for your ambition.  You get a job, you get a pay cheque and you’re like ‘woof woof’ this treat tastes good.  You get a better job, more money and everyone around you is giving you the sense that you’re doing the right thing.  You think to yourself that you must be doing something right cause these Milk Bones are always getting bigger and everyone is patting you on the back.  Everywhere you go it seems like you’re getting Vitamin C and Zinc for shaking the right paws and licking the right crotches.

You can eat unhealthy all your life too but it will still keep you alive for pretty long.  It might be a life of mild to moderate suffering but a life that will still be kept alive.  You may hate your life cause you feel like shit but as long as you have the desire to keep eating, you will continue living.

The opposite happens though when you’re not getting scratched behind your ears or refuse the simulated bacon strips available to you.  Once you stop ingesting the proper nutrients for a certain life, it becomes crippled and headed towards death.  Maybe you can’t afford the groceries or maybe you chose to be an anorexic but either way you’re going to starve to death.

I don’t envy the lives of people who are seemingly living life the way it should be.  I don’t really want what they have or who they have but I am jealous of one aspect of their lives.  They’re motivated to live regardless if it’s a life of bliss or suffering.

Perhaps when you die you will just die and nothing happens after but maybe you will reincarnate into something else.  A new life. Until that new life happens though, you’ll remain under a pile of dirt, suffucating and unable to see the sunshine.


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