Staying Neutral

Staying neutral.  Two people are having a problem with each other, you stay out of it.  By default it’s often looked upon as the decent choice to make and sometimes it is but just as often it isn’t.

From my experience people will take the neutral route almost everytime unless if it’s their significant other.  Taking the side of your significant other is always seen by others as understandable even if they are messed in the head or not really that significant.

Outside of that, people generally choose to stay neutral.  It sounds almost noble but often it’s just selfish.  You’re not choosing sides but in actuality you are choosing your own side.  You are saying that you don’t want to make the difficult decision of picking a side and having the other side feel negatively towards you.  You want it all.  You want both sides to like you.  Or possibly you just don’t give a shit about either side.

In some cases you probably shouldn’t pick sides cause the 2 people are being absolutely irrational.  But even in those cases you sometimes have to choose.  When I say, pick a side, it doesn’t mean you have to agree but at least show your loyalty.  In this society we seem to have rules that only apply in certain situations.  We show loyalty above all others when it comes to our significant other, career and some family cause it is apparently the right thing to do.  When they say it’s the right thing to do, what it really means is that it’s the right thing to do if you don’t want to fuck up your life.  You pick a side when one side is important to your life.  If you don’t choose, it means neither side is important so you decide to stay neutral and hope for the best.  Whatever happens, happens cause it won’t really affect you.

Any type of relationship will not last without loyalty.  You can’t play for multiple teams all the time.  You painted the tribal colours on yourself so that’s the side you are on.  If not then you don’t deserve any loyalty in return.  If you choose yourself then don’t be disappointed when no one chooses you.

The Italian Mafia was once a thriving organization because of loyalty,  trust and respect.  Once people started ratting and breaking all the other codes it fell apart.  Everyone is just out for themselves while trying to preserve some kind of disingenuous form of loyalty.  Perhaps there is nothing wrong with choosing yourself but when pretentiousness shows its face at the end, feelings of deceit can arise.

We live in a selfish society.  More so than decades ago.  It’s common place to commit but separate once the waters get a little too rough or if the waters are just not blue enough.  We can make the dishonourable choice and hide ourselves from the guilt because we live in a disconnected world.  Drive away in our cars, shut the door behind us in a home where you can be nowhere in sight miles away from anyone.  Send text messages and emails without fear of feeling uncomfortable.  It’s a great time to be a pussy.

I don’t know if humans can be blamed for false projections they produce and consume.  We believe what makes us feel best at the time and hope for the best in the future.  It’s not admirable but people are often shitty without even the slightest sense that they are.  If we don’t put our feelings aside and critically think about our thoughts and actions or have no one pull us aside to enlighten us then we will often continue a path of thinking and doing for the purpose of making ourselves feel better.   If you don’t want to go left or right it’s okay but if you choose the middle you’re still picking a side.


8 comments on “Staying Neutral

  1. tedgaming says:

    From some reason, after reading the first bit, the term “insignificant other” came to mind.


    • tedgaming says:

      For some reason*****************************************


      • MrJohnson says:

        Oh! I didn’t even notice the error..haha. My brain uses as little power as necessary. I’m running outdated software and a hard drive that is running at near max capacity.


      • tedgaming says:

        My brain’s pretty much running at capacity too. I just stupidly woke up a few minutes ago and then feeling shitty when I saw that it was 1am. It feels extra shitty cause I’m at my aunt’s and me waking up and walking around potentially disturbs them. I was gonna make the most of it and write a blog post about it but wtf else is there to say other than what I just said here? lol

        My brain also stupidly thinks I can just watch Tek’s stats all day instead of working on another project that I’ve started.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I guess many times they are insignificant.

      For some reason*******?


      • tedgaming says:

        In the original comment, I made a typo and typed “FROM some reason”. Then I caught the typo and got annoyed with myself for making the typo, causing me to spam asterisks and making things even more confusing.


  2. jcbb says:

    I generally like to look at it as other people’s fault for expecting me to be involved or even choose a side. And generally, I just don’t give a shit about the sides nor about choosing. I also think picking a side can be as selfish as not picking. All humans are selfish. So, regardless of whether the act is selfish, which it absolutely is (and I believe no act is completely selfless), it is not my fault for not choosing. It is always others’ mistake for expecting something ridiculous of me. And my action shall require no justification nor explanation.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It is true, is some way or another, every human act is selfish. I guess some just more selfish than others. I definitely don’t think staying neutral is always the incorrect decision but no one ever thinks of themselves as selfish or dishonourable when taking the neutral position. I guess when it comes to the decision of picking sides a lot of it is based on one’s beliefs.


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