Redefining Stupid

Calling people stupid seems to be acceptable as long as you are not saying it to their face.  I was thinking about how I’ve done it on this blog and in real life and I’m starting to think it is not such a great term to use.

Most people in this world aren’t stupid.  They are usually of average intelligence who sometimes have their good moments and bad ones.  The amount of stupid people walking around is probably very similar to the number of smart ones.  Everyone else is just somewhat average.  When you call someone stupid, it’s usually directed to a certain incident where in your mind, they should have obviously done something differently.  I think most of the time it’s not stupidity that is the root of bad decisions but emotions and instinct.  I think for everyone there has been many situations where you almost knowingly made the wrong decision but you would never categorize yourself as stupid cause it’s you and not someone else.

Calling someone stupid is worse than using racial slurs.  Racial slurs mean nothing.  They are just derogatory terms to describe someone’s race to maybe anger them.  When you call someone stupid, you can lower their self-esteem and confidence forever.  No one wears the stupid badge with honour.  There’s no Stupid Club, Stupid Panthers or Stupid Pride Parades.

We’re not allowed to hate anyone for the colour of their skin but we can hate stupid people all day long.  What if they are stupid and were just born that way?  Sometimes they are okay as long as they are nice.  Sort of like the one black guy that a KKK member doesn’t mind because he saved his life.  Most often someone will call someone stupid because they don’t see eye to eye.  Is it stupidity or is it ignorance, self-preservation, ego?  Being stupid implies that someone is not able to see the obvious.  Quite often the obvious is only obvious after experience and sometimes that’s not enough.

Being a truly stupid person is quite the disability because you’ll never own up to it and you will go through life trying to convince yourself that you’re not that dumb.  It’s like crazy people.  No one who is crazy thinks they are crazy.  It’s easier to accept being short, weak, fat, homosexual, physically disabled, poor, blind because there’s no denying anything that can be measured or felt.  You can sort of measure how smart or dumb a person is but no one takes those tests or you can always find a way to convince yourself that you are smart enough in some way.  Kind of like people who suck at school will claim to be street smart.

Calling someone or everyone stupid is displaying a sense of anger or frustration.  When you can’t convince someone to see what you see then you often just resort to labelling them as stupid.  It’s also used to bring about a sense of empowerment to one’s self.

I think stupidity is often mistaken for dickheadness.  When someone intends to be a shitty person because of selfish means, then they can only make sense of it with illogical and ruthless thinking which tends to appear stupid.  In actuallity they are not stupid but instead, not very nice.   So maybe it’s more correct to label them as being a-holes or unenlightened instead of stupid.

When someone is considered to be truly stupid, all it means is that they are stupid in this system of life.  Perhaps they are the equivalent to Albert Einstein in some other universe.




8 comments on “Redefining Stupid

  1. ntfcnicky says:

    Wasn’t it Einstein who said something like “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge by a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will live forever believing that it’s stupid”? I dunno, it just seemed relevant 😛


  2. jcbb says:

    Einstein said human stupidity is infinite, but he also believes that everyone has the potential to be perceived as a genius. Stupidity exists, and it is relative depending on who you are at any moment in life, kind of like Einstein’s Relativity Theory.


  3. I guess there really is such a thing as IQ, but you’re all right because maybe you’re not mechanical–you’re arty or something else. I look at a car that won’t start with fear and loathing, but the stupid clod who fixes it can barely form a sentence, and he thinks I’m an idiot. So who’s stupid? I guess people who have absolutely nothing to contribute except a blank stare. Or the fine folks who make the Darwin awards every year.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Having a high IQ is overrated. You’re better off possessing courage and a belief in yourself. Although, it can be dangerous for people who are not so smart to be courageous and believe in themselves.

      Most people would say the guy who can’t form a sentence is the stupid one cause people tend to judge how smart someone is by things related to academic school subjects. Haha, your mechanic probably thinks all women who do not know much about cars are idiots.

      I wonder if auto mechanics is strictly a male thing? I’ve never met a woman who fixed cars or ever had much knowledge about fixing cars. I guess you can say it might come down to interests. Maybe there are gay women who know a lot about cars just like how there are lots of gay men who are good at fashion designing and styling hair.

      I’ve known this one guy for a long time and he failed the 1st grade and always had trouble getting by in school. A few years ago his girlfriend at the time encouraged him to go back to school to study engineering of some kind and he really believed he could do it. I tried my best to discourage him without saying I didn’t think he could do it. Luckily he never went through with it.


  4. Aww, you never know, he might have been ready. I passed first grade by a thread and look how successful I am now. That’s a joke.

    I have read a lot of articles that maintain that girls are just as mechanical or math-oriented as men, but roles are placed on them at an early age which discourage it in subtle ways (often by the parents). More women are fighting that stereotype but it still clings.

    And yeah, character will always beat IQ.


    • MrJohnson says:

      He’ll never be ready. He’s one of those guys who is a genius in some other dimension. How did you almost fail the first grade? I don’t believe it. I’ve never met anyone who failed the first grade and ended up getting through the 9th grade.

      To fail first grade one has to either suck at nap time, defecate on the teacher’s apple or not be able to pronounce the word ‘cat.’

      I believe that women are possibly just as mechanically and math-oriented but I don’t know if many of them will ever have any motivation to learn about a trade where they need to get their hands wrecked unless if they don’t mind having grease stained sausage fingers. Plus I think the idea that you need a certain amount of physical strength for a lot of trade type jobs, detours a lot of women from even learning about them.


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