Making Fun of Fat People

Quite often when someone makes fun of someone else, it’s because they are different from them in whatever way.  I was always a skinny kid so naturally I would make fun of fat kids.  I verbally assaulted anyone cause I liked getting laughs, attention but possibly most of all, it made me feel better about myself.  I think one could have referred to me as a person with low self-esteem or some other term they give to people who are assholes to make themselves feel better at other people’s expense.

When you’re a kid or teenager, fat people are the minority and an easy target.  I never saw it as bullying cause I was always smaller than the person I made fun of.  My mouth was like my gun, my words were my bullets and my legs were my getaway car if I needed them.  I was a somewhat fast runner especially compared to an obese person.

Around the age of 11, I rode bicycles with a couple other kids in the neighbourhood.  One guy was really obese.  His whole family was obese too.  They all carried sweat rags in their pocket.  I found that to be the most disgusting yet mind blowing idea at the time.  It’s funny though, I never made fun of his beloved sweat rag cause I felt it would be going overboard like making fun of someone about their cancer.  To be honest, I only made fun of him being fat once.

We were standing around with our bikes one day and for a reason I can’t remember, I called him “tubby.”  He didn’t like it too much and said something along the lines that I was dead if I called him that again.  So of course I called him “tubby” again and jumped on my bike and rode off.  I thought this fat guy had no chance of catching up to me, especially since I had a bit of a head start.  I looked back and holy shit, he was gaining ground on my like a Porsche.  Being young and naive, I was unaware of how much power fat legs could have to generate so much speed.  My scrawny legs were no match even with the big weight advantage I had.  See, when you’re fat, your legs tend to get pretty strong from holding all that extra weight and once they get going the momentum builds fiercly.  I never saw him ride with so much energy before but the anger fueled his legs that were usually sloth like with a burst of turbo.

I began to worry cause I knew if he caught me he could beat the crap out of me with ease.  But the stars aligned in my favour that day cause the other guy we were with fell off his bike, hurt himself and started crying.  We all stopped and Tubby went from angry to feeling guilty.  I went from a state of panic to relieved.  I was so glad he fell and hurt himself.  Better him than me getting humiliated. I tried blaming it on Tubby saying that if he didn’t chase us none of this would have happened.  He tried to blame it on me for calling him “Tubby.”

Tubby was a pretty strong guy.  When he sucked in his huge gut you could actually see a decent set of abdominal muscles.  He would let us take turns punching him in the stomach and it didn’t hurt him one bit.  I shouldn’t have been messing with a guy who was a year older than me who hit puberty already.

In high school, there was this big fat Asian guy who I would randomly shout out “fat cat” to in Chinese.  I never had a plan B cause I never thought about consequences.  One day it was just him and I walking in the hall and I called him the magic words.  He took me by the shirt, shoved me against the lockers and said “do you have a proberum with the way I look?”  Being about 12 inches shorter than him, I replied something on the lines of “umm no.”

In grade school, it’s not uncommon for people to make fun and get made fun of.  It’s just what kids do.  They don’t have any consideration towards other people’s feelings especially when they don’t have parents to teach them any better.  Regardless, I was still a little asshole.  There’s 30 year olds who still act this juvenile cause of their shit self-esteem or some other reason. I guess everyone has their own learning curve.  Once in a while, I’ll see some of the people I mocked in grade school and an overwhelming feeling of guilt comes over me.  I should offer to let them punch me in the face.




5 comments on “Making Fun of Fat People

  1. ntfcnicky says:

    Everyone’s been an asshole about something, at least you recognise that now instead of being ignorant.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya, I am glad that I realize this and have become a better person from it. I probably wouldn’t let them punch me in the face. I would move out of the way and then lecture them about how they should have moved on..hahaha


  2. tedgaming says:

    Your feeling of relief when your friend fell while you guys are running from tubby reminds me of Louis CK getting a phone call from his crying wife and he was wondering what he had done wrong, maybe his wife found his phone sex bills or something. Then it turns out she was crying because 9/11 just happened and Louis was super relieved that he wasn’t in trouble.


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