Emotions Cloud the Truth

I deliver parcels for a job and I deliver to this townhouse complex regularly with a gated intercom entrance.  It’s full of mothers who order shit like clothing, beauty products, shoes and photographic books of their family.  This one time I buzzed this woman’s number and no one answered so I left a note and took off.  She calls my company telling them no one buzzed and that she was home all day.  My company sent me a message notifying me of this in the afternoon.  I went back to her complex cause I was sort of going that way anyway and she was standing outside yapping with another mom.  Well, I didn’t know for sure it was her but she had this look on her face so I figured it was her.  It was a look of guilt.  She thanked me and that was that.

When I came back to the company station the customer service rep that spoke to her told me she said I was notorious around her complex for not buzzing the recipient of the package.  The story is I just leave a note and take off.  Yes, I am that big of a jerk.  The next morning I found out she escalated the whole situation to my manager but after receiving her package her whole story suddenly changed.  She called back and said she was mistaken and it was actually a courier from another company that is notorious for not ever buzzing the residents.   Or maybe you’re just a crazy bitch trying to get me in shit for something that never happened.

When I used to work at this retail place, there was this one time this guy marches in and started bitching about how I lied to him the day before telling him we had something in stock.  He points his finger at me and says, “it was you.  100%.”  After telling him I wasn’t even working that day he goes on to say, “well, it looked like you.”  I know who he was referring to cause there was only one other Asian working at that store.  He wears glasses and I don’t, plus we look nothing alike.  He’s not even the same kind of Asian.

When people are pissed off they’ll sometimes say and think anything to help their story.  The crazy thing is that they truly believe their semi-imaginary thoughts at the time, until they are faced with evidence that the only thing that makes sense is that they are crazy.



3 comments on “Emotions Cloud the Truth

  1. Haha – fuckery! People are dicks.


  2. jcbb says:

    Close-mindedness creates conflicts like these that aren’t even necessary in the first place. Sigh. I guess the best way to look at it is just that people will think and do whatever the want, and if you want to be happy, it’s best to just do our part and try to ignore those who refuse to acknowledge the truth.


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