Being alone is against the law of nature

Nature has its way to ensure the survival of our species.  One of the many ways in which it does this is by making you fear the thought of being alone.  In case you are more bold than others and do not fear the thought of being alone, nature will cause you to be less happy or even depressed if you cut yourself off from your society.  Humans weren’t designed to hunt alone, fight alone or reproduce alone.  Being alone is like telling the nature boss to F off and you know what happens when you tell your boss to F off.  You are the one that usually has to F off.

The way I see it is, there’s not much motivation to live life when you’re not helping others to live life and if you’re alone with no partner, family, friends, dog, neighbour, homeless guy, pen pal, sponsored African kid that depends on you in some way that you can rationalize as important then you’re going to feel useless.  No company wants a useless employee neither does Nature Inc.

Life is all about survival, and conserving resources plays an integral part of survival.  Take your body for example, it operates as if your survival is always in danger.  It has a good idea how much energy you need and if you give it more than it needs, it will store it as fat for spare energy in case food becomes hard to come by.  When you weight train you get stronger cause you are telling your body you need to be for your regular life but once you stop, your body ceases to maintain that same strength.  Muscles use up energy so your body does not want to keep an excess of it hanging around.  It’s like turning off unused light energy in your house to save money.  If you’re always alone it means you’re not helping your species survive which means you need to be excreted.

People need food and resources to stay alive.  There’s only so much to go around so if you don’t want Mother Nature to terminate you then you have to keep her happy.  You have to contribute to the company.  Just like any organization, team work is needed in order to thrive.  We did not get to where we are today by doing it alone.  It wouldn’t have been possible.  Although, we can now do it alone it doesn’t mean you can be just as happy.

When I look around at the people around me, they may not be absolutely happy about their lives but they do appear that they have a motivation to stick around in this life as long as possible.  They feel they are important to someone or will be important to someone someday.  Perhaps they are not but if you can rationalize the irrational then it’s all the same.

Being alone is unnatural but very possible in our world today like junk food and drugs.  It’s not healthy.  When we think about the reasons why we don’t want to be alone, we tend to only look at it in a selfish view in that it’s lonely, depressing and no fun which is true but it’s really the punishment for not contributing.

If you don’t want to be alone you have to give people reason to want to be with you which usually results in you contributing to their life in some way whether it be financially, spiritually or superficially.  If you cut yourself off and don’t want to contribute then the punishment handed down to you by nature is isolation which is really suppose to mean death.  The equivalent to death in our present world is a long unhappy life.

Perhaps we have good reasons to cut ourselves off and to not regularly contribute to the lives of others but the universe does not care about your reasons and what you want.  It wants results and if you can’t produce, you’re fired.  The options are to do as you were meant to do for this world or not be very happy.


2 comments on “Being alone is against the law of nature

  1. whencanigo says:

    If i can offer another side to this..
    I’m not sure how familiar you are with people who are introverted, or the term in general. But for whatever reason, introverted people like me are simply hardwired to be more capable alone. “The lone wolf” if you will.. People like me contribute to society better by being alone, allowing the creative juices to flow. There are exceptions of course, but most introverts are heavy thinkers, inventors, artists and writers. So many contributions to society, and the assistance to survival of society have been brought to us by introverted people, and simply the way we live side by side with a lot of the technologies we have come accustom to. I strongly suggest you research “introverted personalities”, because people like me have a lot of counter arguments to your post 🙂
    Best regards to you!


    • MrJohnson says:

      I agree that introverted people can and have contributed to society. Just because a person is an introvert though, it doesn’t mean they live life alone or even alone the majority of the time. They simply may thrive better alone.

      If an introvert does happen to live life mostly alone and is more comfortable alone, it doesn’t mean that they are happy. I am more comfortable eating my own feces than someone else’s but it wouldn’t make me happy to do so.

      It’s probably true that many great artists, geniuses, innovators, etc, are introverts but I think often they are also the craziest and are the ones that are depressed and end up killing themselves. When you are super intelligent or talented you probably have little desire to converse with anyone cause everyone is a doorknob or uninteresting compared to you which becomes depressing.

      It’s great that people can contribute to society even when they are alone but there is still a physical connection that is lacking that your natural instincts are begging for and if it doesn’t get it then the outcome is often the feeling of sadness.


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