Meaningful People

Who do you consider to be meaningful to your life?  Common answers would be some family members and friends cause they were present during your youth and many moments throughout your life.  Your parents provided food and shelter for you.  Your friends were there for many of your life’s memories.  This is where most people would go on to say how you should cherish these people and hold them close to your heart.  I don’t know if I agree.

Your parents were suppose to feed you and house you.  If they didn’t you would have died and they would have went to jail.  Your friends needed you for their memories as much as you needed them.  It was a take and give situation most of the time.   I’m not implying that all of these people should be discredited completely but much of what seemed of value is often worthless in hindsight.

The most meaningful people in your life are the ones that helped you become a better, stronger person in life.  Free meals, hand me downs, invitations to events, birthday gifts are a bonus but it don’t do shit for your arsenal for the road ahead.

The favours that you receive from people are nice but it’s just a kleenex and not a handkerchief that is durable and can be stowed in your back pocket for future use.  The ones that made it a priority to help you live a happy life, gave you the hard truth when you needed it,  encouraged you to be a better you, are the ones that bring the most meaning to your life.  All the others were just pitching in for gas money until they arrived at their next stop.

The ones that are meaningful can die but still live on in your heart and everyday life cause they earned a spot there forever.   Everyone else may have been a mediocre steak for a few moments in your life but have long been excreted and become nutritionless.  What can be meaningful to a culture is hardly ever meaningful in real life.


3 comments on “Meaningful People

  1. tedgaming says:

    I just stared at the screen for the past 10 minutes, picking my ear and no other orifice, trying to think of a response to write but you summed it up pretty well. The only input I’ve got is my typical pessimism and how all this applies negatively to my life but we’ve already been through that so I won’t go into it again.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Please, feel free to go into it again. Bless my blog with your thoughts anytime. It’s a pretty lonely


    • tedgaming says:

      haha, well… long story short, everyone I encounter has made me more introverted whether it’s long term interactions from family and friends or short term interactions with co-workers. A lot of it is on me though but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily my fault. I’m not sure if it’s entirely the way I was raised (actively my parents’ fault) or genetics (passively my parents’ fault) or a combination of both, but my value system is completely messed up.

      …I don’t know how far specifically I should go into it or what examples to use but I’m just going to leave it as that for now since my mom is (happily) nagging me right now and I’m getting a headache. Speaking of which, I actually never get headaches and never understood what they are. Sure there are cloudy brain days but I don’t know if those are “headaches”. It’s not as tangible as stomach aches. Only recently have a sort of felt head pains when my parents speak because I’ve already given up any sort of postive relationship with them. K, end of ramble.


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