Survival of the Fittest

It doesn’t take much to survive in today’s world.  Perhaps in other parts of the world it does but I’m not talking about them cause it’s not my world.  I probably just made myself sound like an a-hole but I highly doubt anyone who says they care, loses sleep over the tragedies outside of their country or even city.  You probably do not donate a dime to the starving children of Africa or spend your holidays doing missionary work.

A good example of how safe people feel is when you see people crossing the streets without shoulder checking for cars turning right.  They either aren’t aware or they think the car will see them and stop cause getting run over doesn’t really happen to most people.  If you’re born with a physical or mental disability, someone will take care of you.  Can’t breathe? They’ll plug you into this machine that will breathe for you.  Even if you try and kill yourself, you might not succeed cause someone might come in and spoil your plans during your last few heartbeats and call 911.  They’ll send out a team with a hospital on wheels to save you even if you don’t want to live.

Survival is not really about life and death anymore but more about survival of lifestyle.  The ones who can adapt and possess the traits and skills necessary for today’s society will have a better chance to live the desired life.  In the beginning, it was probably the strongest males who were the most fit for survival.  It’s not really like that no more.  Laws, police, jails, guns, have made that type of person less valuable.  The rulers of the world can be a Bill Gates type, small Asian business men or old fat decrepit politicians.

No one really worries about dying.  They worry about living a miserable life and maybe a shameful one which is the equivalent to death in ancient times.  It’s not about being able to live but instead,  “making it in life.”  Earning good money and finding a desirable mate while feeling good about yourself that it was all you who got you to where you are.  Having the respect from peers and society.

Survival of the fittest also relates to the passing on of genes from the fittest.    The one thing that hasn’t really changed is that men will tend to want physically attractive women.  If you’re an attractive woman, you can be dumb as shit but there will be no shortage of guys who would be willing to marry and reproduce with you.  If you’re a good looking guy but you’re broke, it won’t be a walk in the park to convince a woman to reproduce with you.

I think in today’s society, one of the most useful attributes one can have is the ability to suffer for a long period.  The ultimate survival tool is money.  If you’re not extremely talented or lucky then you might just have to suffer through an education or work your ass off at a not so exciting job for 40 years.  It seems as though if you’re not willing to suffer like how people expect you to, then the money won’t be there which means the desired lifestyle won’t be either which will probably mean that no woman with most of their teeth will want your sperm.

The world only wants the sperm from males who are going along with society.  If you are unsuccessful in the classical sense, the world wants your kind to die off.  If your lazy sperm manages to sneak through into a drunken egg, the world has its way to make sure your bloodline continues to live a mediocre to shitty life.

Surviving has become so easy that there’s 7 billion people on the planet.  Wanting to survive is another story.



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