The Walking Dead, High School and Underwear

For the past couple weeks I’ve been watching The Walking Dead.  I wonder if the show was thought up as a zombie story or a story about what humans are capable of given the situation.  The zombie scenes are cool but I find the portrayal of human behaviour just as interesting.  The behaviour is the same in the non-zombie world just with different consequences.

In the show, people get killed or exiled due to lack of resources or trust.  It’s kind of like in high school when you could only fit 4 people in a car which meant the 5th and 6th friend didn’t get a call out or had to walk home.  Not calling that person was like killing them in the zombie world.  When shit hits the fan, compassion becomes a limited resource even if it’s just a little bit of shit hitting a broken fan.

When I was in elementary school, my grade 7 class of 30 students consisted of about 23 Chinese, 1 Fijian, and the rest white, but there were never any racial issues.  My best friend was a white person.  There was never any racial issues within the class, inside or out.  The transition into high school changed everything.  We walked in there with the same friends but after a few weeks, we were walking around with only the same skin colour.  It became tribal right before our eyes and without anyone giving it much thought.

I’m not sure exactly why it happened the way it did.  It seemed like we were at the mercy of the environment.  Everyone gravitated to who they thought were their own, where they would be most safest and comfortable.  It became sort of like a prison yard where you could easily see which group was which.

I was shit scared going into high school.  I was the smallest kid going in and I had the biggest fear of getting stuffed in a locker.  I never heard of it happening but I always saw it on TV.  My first day at high school I opened my locker and checked to see if I could fit inside.  To my dismay, I was able slide in their pretty easily with a bit of wiggle room too.  I found comfort in knowing though, that I wouldn’t be crushed and that there were small vents for oxygen to boot.

Luckily, getting stuffed in lockers wasn’t the torture of choice by the older kids.  Unluckily, the shame and embarrassment would come in the form of being gonched.  Getting gonched (also known as wedgie) is having your underwear pulled towards your head and if done with great success and showmanship, your underwear would reach your head before it ripped.  I suppose the quality of your underwear would play a role as well.  The older kids would come in as a herd during lunch hour and when they found their victim, they spared no mercy.  I saw kids get dragged down the hallway by their underwear in front of helpless peers.  The sound of the underwear finally tearing signaled the climax of the embarrassment.  The aftermath wouldn’t be any less embarrassing when the victim, almost appearing as though he had been raped by a large black man, stood up with what was left of his underwear hanging from his jeans and did the walk of shame.



Don’t ask me how I managed to avoid getting gonched.  Assholes.  High school is hard enough without having a gang of underwear pullers to watch out for.  Imagine if you had to keep asking your parents to buy you underwear all the time cause your underwear gets pulled to your head and ripped by bullies.

It may appear that zombies don’t exist but they have actually begun to make their way into our society in large numbers.  People walking and texting on the streets are the closest relatives to zombies.  They cross the streets with their heads down while walking disoriented cause their brains got sucked away by their smartphone.




6 comments on “The Walking Dead, High School and Underwear

  1. You post a very interesting correlation between The Walking Dead and high school. I have never seen it put that way. I had no friends my Senior year in high school….I hated high school.

    And yes, The Walking Dead, I have found, is geared more fearing the people who are alive than the dead people. That is why I like that show. You might like my post here:


    • MrJohnson says:

      One can correlate the human behaviour from The Walking Dead to almost any situation in life. Ya, I think lots of people hated high school. Not having friends was my biggest fear back then. I think subconsciously most of my energy revolved around that fear.

      Yes, I enjoyed that post of yours. So true, that the show is so much about “what would you do?”. There’s so many good lines and truths in that show. I’m in the middle of season 3 right now.


  2. Kristin :) says:

    Soooo true. I just upgraded to an iPhone (yay for work perks)…and I’m glad I’m a little late to the party…because I’m definitely not as dependent on it as I can see a lot of people are. Its really scary to see people checking their phones every few minutes when they’re having a dinner with a friend, taking a walk, etc. :/

    On a side not, The Walking Dead is awesome!! Daryl is my fav 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya I guess many would consider that late to the party. I’m always late to those kind of parties. Daryl is pretty cool. When I watch the show I think to myself which guy I would want to be..hahaha. I think I’d want to be Daryl!


  3. The part about people becoming zombies these days, so true!


  4. kalyrical says:

    People walking around and texting, while paying no attention to their environment pisses me off a lot. Especially around UBC, when I go through the campus, and they cross the roads w/o giving the cars a second thought. I mean, sure I get that if they hit you, they’ll have to pay– BUT you’re the one who’s going to suffer the injuries! Wise up people. No more of this zombie stuff please. (Cept the Walking Dead :P)


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