Nice Only When There is Comfort

As a nation of gluttonous westerners, we’re often confused and disgusted as to why the undeveloped nations are so far behind us when it comes to the treatment of humanity.  They’re constantly at war, they treat women like dirt and there’s no acceptance of minority beliefs.  Wasn’t that the case in every western civilization at some point though?

You always hear people comment about how crazy life is in those parts of the world but that was us not that long ago.  It’s almost like it has to happen as part of the evolution process to get to where we are now in the western world.  Why is it taking them so much longer?  I don’t know, maybe because their military was never strong enough to conquer multiple areas of the globe?  Maybe their leadership sucked?  Perhaps they had a shitty roll of the dice and their geographical situation is in an unfortunate area.  But whatever the reason is, they’re still worried about their food, shelter, safety and as long as that is an issue all those rights and privileges will never happen. 

It’s not just the matter of the people not having secured their basic needs but also the mentallity of the government in power.  To them, they might not feel their country is in a position to put their agenda on the back burner to focus on human rights.  As long as they are not satisfied, then there’s no room in their hearts to be nice.

There was a time when western culture was quite similar to these less evolved nations and there was probably no thought in changing at the time.  Life probably sucked if you weren’t white and not a man.  But as life became easier and more comfortable, we opened the doors to new ideas.  New opportunities paved the way for all to better the economy.  There was now room for women, gays and ethnic minorities to contribute and one day even excel.  The economy continued to prosper which enabled everyone to prosper too.  As long as the rich became richer the poor could become richer.

We live in a nation where if you don’t want to work it’s ok.  They’ll give you money.  If you run around with your eyes closed on a highway and get smoked by a car, they’ll save you and give you money for the rest of your life if you can’t work.  This is not the way it’s suppose to be or should be.  It’s just the way it is right now.  There’s enough to go around without fear of the country collapsing.  Once that security is threatened no one is going to spoon feed you.  There will be no more cure cancer commercials or save the whales.  It’s just going to be save yourself.  Vegans will eat meat again and whales will die.  Nice will be just a fantasy like happiness.

Perhaps we have a hand in keeping nations from evolving to where we are.  There’s only 1 pie and it doesn’t get bigger just because there’s more hungry people.  For someone to succeed many have to lose.  If you want to stay at the top you have to keep people down.  Who knows.  There’s more to world politics than any of us will ever discover.  Human though, are not that mysterious.  Given the same situation, humans will generally produce the same action, no matter where in the world.  Have a rice day.


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