Respecting Change

It’s really difficult to make a change when it doesn’t look good on paper.  Numbers are black and white.  More is usually better.  If it makes sense on paper then it makes sense in life.  If not then it’s looked upon as irrational.

If you’re working a job and it pays you a decent salary, it would seem silly to leave for anything less.  If you just worked that job forever, the numbers tell you that you will be just fine for the rest of your life.  You tell yourself you can do it cause in the beginning you’re fresh and it’s difficult to know how you’re going to feel in the future.  If you don’t have enough experience and lie to yourself, you’ll be able to tell yourself you can do it forever.  The security feels so comforting that you want to believe it, so you do.  The reality is though, people get sick of everything if there’s no change.  We often don’t respect the need for a change so we commit to the idea of forever cause we think we can and it makes us feel secure.

The truth is, you will get sick of almost everything.  That dream job you landed will suck the life out of you in a few years.  You have to move up, down, out or sideways.  It’s part of our instinct that tells us that once we have conquered an area of our life, we have to move on to try and conquer something else.  We’re a species of progression.  We have to at least think we’re possibly moving on to bigger things.

To be honest, I could just work the job I have now and life will be pretty comfortable.  Comfortable on paper but not in my mind.  My sanity does not care about what looks good on paper.  Being stuck sucks a big fat one.  That’s my opinion anyway.  People who are stuck can only justify being stuck cause it looks good on paper and cause they pretty much don’t have a choice.  Wife, kids, mortgage and no employable skills.   You walk into that life, you’ll never walk out.  I guess there’s some contentment in knowing that you don’t have a choice and that there’s enough people stuck with you to give you positive reinforcement that you’re doing the right thing.

I never really understood the concept of a dead end job.  I always thought the worst aspect of it was the inability to make more money.  Now, I see it as the inability to change.  The more I look at the word ‘change’ the more it resembles a Chinese looking name like ‘Chang’ or ‘Chan” or ‘Chang E’ or ‘C Hang E’ or ‘Cha Ng E.”

Sometimes change only comes when there is change.  When you get stuck in a routine, nothing new happens.  One day your routine gets jumbled and something great steps into your life.  You miss your regular bus but the next bus is where you meet your new best friend or the person who hooks you up with your new job.  I guess it could also be where you meet the person who murders you.  Either way it’s still exciting.  Perhaps you might end up dead but if there’s no change in your life you’re pretty much dead anyway.

The moral of the story I suppose is that you’ll probably want some kind of change in your life even if the life you have now is roses and rainbows.  It might not make sense on paper but life doesn’t make much sense.


2 comments on “Respecting Change

  1. I hate change. Like, really loathe it. But that’s mostly because it makes me uncomfortable because I’m a control freak. I hate the feeling that something is happening and I don’t know what the F it is or what to do about it and have to roll with it. However, every time my life has changed, it’s been fun. And my life has constantly changed over the last four years…


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