Another day at work

Mondays suck a big fat one.  So do Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays.  But Mondays tend to suck the biggest fattest one.

Marijuana dispensaries have been popping up everywhere on my delivery route and I’m intrigued with them.  I’m not a pothead but to be able to have access to so many different strains and edibles seems special.  This one place had little brochures outside so I grabbed one and put it in my shirt pocket.  An hour later I noticed what a stoner my customers must have thought I was.


I didn’t realize that it was sticking out like that.  Whoops.

The day goes on.  After checking out the address on one of my packages I realized it was for someone from my group of friends that I used to be much affiliated with.  I cussed out loud.  I already had a good idea of what the conversation was going to be like.  Luckily, he wasn’t home.  Unluckily his wife was and she took his place with the question asking.

“How are you?”

“Where have you been?”

“How are you?”

“You never come out to the gatherings anymore.”

“How are you?”

I’m serious. She asked me “how are you?” 3 times during our 2 minute conversation.  I think those words just came out every time she felt awkward or uncomfortable.  I’ve often seen it asked 2 times during a short conversation but never 3.  I’ve always thought of her as somewhat nice so I spared her the cynicism(truth) and gave her the short and polite version of my thoughts.  “I just don’t have any desire to hang out no more.”  She replied, “it’s like that when you get older.  All you want to do is sleep and work.  Everyone is too busy now.”    I guess that’s the ‘so no one feels like a bad person’ explanation but the truth is that no one wants to hang out.  It’s not important.  That was the past life.   People generally won’t let themselves even get close to the unromantic truth.  It’s probably better that way.

My friend’s wife and I went to the same high school.  She had 4 other friends in her group and they all married within the same year or 2 and had kids all around the same time.  I highly doubt it was coincidence.  It was like copying a storybook life.  I think when we’re young we’re always aiming for some kind of storybook kind of life.  We can usually mimic the first few chapters with glee but the rest of the story often becomes a tale no one ever expected.

There’s this feeling that you get when you see and speak to someone that you’ve known for almost forever and haven’t seen in a while, that can’t be replicated with the new people in your life.  They knew you in your past and you knew them.  No one you meet in the future will ever have that.  I guess it’s a bit of nostalgia.   Often though the nostalgia dries quickly and you’re back to being almost strangers.

I don’t know about these people working at this marijuana dispensary I did a pick up at.  It’s like they are super super stoned or they dropped out in the 4th grade.  They write down addresses that don’t make any sense and there’s this one guy who refuses to fill out the airway bill form himself.  I’m not sure if it’s cause he’s too stoned or if he’s illiterate.  But ya, they all seem pretty happy in there all the time.






2 comments on “Another day at work

  1. Ha ha that’s a funny picture!

    I don’t really get that nostalgic feeling from the Old Ones. I get it from other things though, a photograph, a song, a mood. During my brief period on FB some annoying people who’d known me since high school found me and one or two still e-mail even though there’s nothing there to connect us and I don’t answer. I’ve told them if they really want to reach me to leave a thoughtful, coherent comment on my blog but they won’t. Wow they’ve become so enormously boring, lost their edge, their spirit. I guess they have their place in the world if they’re not drug addicts or in prison. So onward to the people I’ll meet in the future. I hope I like them but if I don’t they can buzz off too.

    You know, your old acquaintance probably was genuinely curious about how you are.


    • MrJohnson says:

      That’s kind of weird how they wouldn’t comment on your blog. Guess they couldn’t connect to your posts.

      I find that all people you run into (in person or online) just want to know about what’s going on in your life just to know. They want a summary of work, relationships and accomplishments.

      Ya she seemed curious. I saw it on her face and by the way she was asking. It’s new to all of them that someone from the group would just up and leave without an explanation. They’re probably all curious but don’t care enough to make a phone call to ask so I guess it doesn’t really matter. They couldn’t handle the truth anyway.


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