Going to the movies alone

There’s usually some awkwardness for most people to go to the movies alone.  Well, maybe not people over 40 but definitely people in their 20’s and even early 30’s.  Being mostly a loner now, I have been seeing the odd movie by myself at various cinemas around the city.  I used to restrict going to the theaters by myself to times when I was in another city when I didn’t know anyone.

That is one of the biggest issues.  “What if someone sees me?”.   The idea is that you are scared to be seen watching a movie alone cause people you know will laugh at you or think something oddly of you.  And this can have some truth to it.  I don’t know anyone who goes to the theaters alone.  Most guys I know won’t even go to the theaters with only 1 other guy.  They’re scared people will think they are gay or that they will feel gay.   A guy goes to the movie theater with another guy and that is gay?  Maybe, if they were watching Brokeback Mountain together then that would cause some gayness in the air but how often do those kinds of movies come out?  It might feel kind of gay but depending with who you’re with it could be pretty damn comical too.

The other issue with going to the theaters alone is that you feel kind of weird.  I always look around and there’s never anyone my age or younger by themselves.  There’s lots of 40 and above.  If youngish people see a youngish person watching a movie alone they probably do think that person has no friends.  But who cares really cause you don’t know them.

I don’t see the real big must of having to go to the movies with someone.  It’s not like you can talk during the movie.  It’s like watching a movie at home.  Don’t you watch movies at home by yourself?  Or do you have to call someone over every time you want to watch a movie at home?  It is a bit cooler though when you go to the movies with someone and you both really enjoyed it and can talk about it together.  But usually movies aren’t that great anyway.

Another benefit with going alone is that you can see any movie you want at which ever time suits you and if it sucks you don’t blame yourself for choosing a dud.  I like to go to matinees cause it’s less busy.  Often I get a whole row to myself and there’s no one directly in front of me or behind me.  It’s freaking annoying when there’s people all around you.  You only get 1 armrest and sometimes the guy beside you has shit for breath and breaths out of his mouth.  The worst is when he yawns and you get all the fumes from deep inside his gut that have been composting for hours.  I find that this happens half the time.

It’s weird.  The more I stop being around people the less I want to be around them.  I’m not sure if it’s always healthy but sometimes it is definitely better.  I used to never really mind going to packed movie theaters until I experienced how much better it was in a 3/4 empty theater.

So ya, you should try it if you haven’t!  If your friends make fun of you it’s cause they know you’d rather watch a movie alone than with them.  Or maybe they just didn’t invite you.



11 comments on “Going to the movies alone

  1. I do lots of things alone. I go to movies, eat at restaraunts. Next Saturday, I’m leaving my kid with my sister to hit Disneyland on my own. I like it because I don’t have to answer to anyone.
    I’ve been doing the alone thing pretty much my whole life so I’m used to it and never worry about what anyone thinks because really, I don’t care.


  2. I prefer solitude to be gregarious. As a girl in 20’s when i am able to entertain myself alone , i feel to achieve a milestone. People don’t enjoy their own company but when i am able to do it, i feel a sense of pride in me, an innate talent !! 🙂


  3. I totally agree. If there are nice people to go with then fine but don’t avoid doing anything because you’re on your own. Going by yourself means you can see what you want and when you want and just enjoy the movie. I go and see movies on my own, eat out on my own and even been on holiday on my own. To miss out on things because everyone is busy or you like some time by yourself really would be sad 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yes! I always saw the options as

      a) Find mediocre people to hang out with
      b) Find someone great to go with
      c) Go alone

      Most people would never pick C, like you said.

      “To miss out on things because everyone is busy or you like some time by yourself really would be sad”…Exactly!


  4. As you stated in another post, it’s more ok these days to fly solo and not care about what others think. Of course, it won’t be that easy if we’re younger – at a time when we define our worth through social acceptance.

    I am in my mid-forties and I have to reach this age just to recognize I’ve actually been a misanthrope (never knew the word prior to the genesis of my online existence 🙂 ) all my life. And that I suck at relationships – I guess, at all kinds of relationship to be exact.

    Well, there are times when after a few days of being holed up busy doing something alone, there’s this need in me to go out, see other human beings walking around or just speak to someone.

    But, by and large, I’m pretty much a loner and a social misfit. Now that I’m older, it’s harder for me to make an effort to perfectly blend with others. Rather than trying, I’d rather do things alone.

    I need not repeat again and again that so many of your posts are humorous and wonderfully perceptive.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I don’t think it was ever possible for me to go things alone when I was in my early 20’s. There’s still some things I won’t do alone like go to the summer amusement park alone. But I guess it’s not very fun going alone..haha. I don’t know how I would feel about myself if I end up to be one of those guys who sits at the bar alone for hours. Than again that’s boring to me too.

      Ya, there’s lots of terms that don’t get a lot of attention outside of the internet. I didn’t even know ‘misogyny’ existed. The internet makes me think it’s worse than racism. I feel that a lot of people are semi-misanthropes, myself included. Most people suck at relationships and don’t realize it. Some people just can’t live without them though.

      I feel the same way about having to see people after a few days even if it’s strangers. Even radio interviews help..haha. A lot of people bring their laptops to some coffee shop and sit there for hours. I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t have internet at home or because they too need to get out.

      As the years go by, the effort and hope just gets weaker. I ditched my company Christmas party even after buying a ticket..haha. I know people are going to expect me to talk, laugh and pretend that I’m having a good time. I’ll just be trying to not look awkward. Too bad eating and leaving right after is frowned upon.


  5. I understand the things you’ve just written. And I don’t like parties either. Yeah, listening to radio interviews can be entertaining. There were periods in my life when I was a part of social groups, though. But I found out later having to fit in and please people tire me :-). I used to think I was odd. Imagine how I felt when I sometimes had to eat alone in canteens during high school.
    Now thanks to the Internet, I’ve learned I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind doing things solo. You must be kind of grateful as well for meeting bloggers and like-minded souls online.

    Btw, Filipinos, in general, are joiners, sociable, and party-loving peeps.

    Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts in your response. I don’t judge anyone, except when they are being rude (for almost non-existent reasons). There are still posts I need to read here; so far I feel glad to have chanced upon your blog because you seem like ahem, a nice person. I mean it. 🙂

    I’m experiencing an adjustment phase using this cool, inexpensive tablet I just bought (after my netbook fell down and got broken). Please pardon any awkward writing or poor syntax on my part.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I have always thought that of Filipinos..that they were group oriented fun lovers. I see them at the parks in a huge group having big family gatherings. Every Filipino home I have been to has a karaoke machine and most of them like to dance.

      Everyone seems like a nice person on the internet..haha which tells me that most of them are hiding a lot.

      I can’t say anything about anyone’s English usage. I reread my previous comment and noticed errors. Not to mention all the other posts from a while ago that you’ve been reading..haha


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