Humans are glorified monkeys

There’s a video clip I recorded using the Chinese mystical art of holding a camera to the television.  It’s my first time so I did a lousy job but the content is watchable.  It displays a bunch of Japanese macaques appearing to be all peaceful and cute until they’re not.

The difference between them and humans is that we now live in a time where we don’t have to use physical aggression to get our message across.  We don’t even need to speak to each other.  We can simply communicate by not doing anything.  If we don’t want someone to join our party we just don’t invite them.  If we don’t feel invited then we just don’t go.

As a mostly civilized society with many options we hardly ever engage in direct physical aggressiveness for anything .  It hardly ever has to get to that point.  But what if water, heat and resources were to become scarce?  Most of us would become monkeys.

The equivalent situation to the pool of Japanese monkeys in western society is not being able to get into the coolest night club or fancy restaurant.  I guess primates act crazy for things of scarcity.

I find it amazing how all social creatures who thrive in groups will have members who will cooperate even if they get the extreme short end of the stick.  They’re willing to accept to be the last ones to eat or to be left out in the cold.  It’s like their duty to serve the alpha for the greater good of the dominant specie.  It’s like nature’s programming for them.  It’s the same for humans.  The aggressive ones more often than not will be the ones to achieve success while the passive, easy going ones usually get what’s left over.   In human society the aggressor doesn’t have to ever get physical or even verbal like a monkey to achieve success in the classic sense.   Most people aren’t willing to fight for success that hard.  They’re willing even if it’s reluctantly, to quit and let someone else take the gold.  Hard work, ego and selfishness will get you to the top.  If you’re missing one of those traits you’ll likely be a bottom feeder.  Even in the game of Texas Holdem Poker, the best players are the aggressive ones.  The universe does not seem to favour the meek.


2 comments on “Humans are glorified monkeys

  1. I tried to click on the video but it wouldn’t play, said it was private.

    I don’t do groups because their behavior is so distasteful. Even in small benevolent groups, such as the charity of your choice, the most difficult, aggressive people rise to the top. (Of course we all belong to a very big group, our species, which is the same way, I guess you’re saying.)

    Workwise, there was a time you didn’t have to be selfish that I think is gone now. It was enough to work hard and be really good at what you did, sort of like a meritocracy in its simplest form. But that apparently left a lot of people out so now it has a bad name. Now shameless self-promotion is required, such as on social media, those with the most ‘followers’ having the highest status. Serving the alpha is what most people do–and they don’t even know they’re doing it. Idiots.

    There are still many parts of the world where people are physically aggressive, and I think someday it’s coming to a town near us. Click on one of those population counters and try to imagine our resources compared to the exploding bellies–this can’t possibly go on forever. So we might have a chance yet to prove your theory–I suggest the meek start stocking up on ammo.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I think the video should play now.

      Ya I don’t know about groups anymore. I feel I’m pretty much done with them. People act so different when they are not with their group. That’s humans for you I guess.

      Those places that are less civilized really show you what we’re all capable of in certain situations. Freaks me out how resources are becoming scarce for all nations. I will stock up on ammo, water and chunky soup.


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