21st Century Life

Many of us in the western world don’t ever think about how possible it is for our current standard of living to be squashed one day in the near future.  We’re so used to having jobs, cars and a whole bunch of little luxuries that have been made possible from decades of economic prosperity.  In life there’s one thing that is always guaranteed and that’s change.  Throughout our lives all we have seen for the most part is change for the better but I think it’s all starting to fall apart.

I don’t know crap about economics and such but it seems as though our capitalistic system is failing more people in the western society than helping them prosper.  The current situation of this capitalistic era is seeing the distribution of wealth leaving the middle class and transferring to the wealthy and to the working class of the developing countries.  Unskilled labour in first world countries such as factory jobs and customer service jobs are being outsourced.  It seems as though if someone from a developing country can do your job then it may just happen.  This is how our system works.  It’s the way of the publicly traded corporation.

Publicly traded corporations only live by profit.  Quarter after quarter they have to see growth from the last quarter.  For this to continue to succeed there needs to be infinite growth which is not possible.   If a publicly traded corporation cannot find ways to generate more revenue they look to cut costs.  It does not care if people have to lose their jobs.  It will do anything it needs to stay alive.  They build up a bubble of prosperity and when there’s nothing left they blow it up and start over again.  Ordinary citizens suffer from the burst and some of the corporations fall as well but the ones that are still alive come out stronger.

If I were to have kids (having kids would just add to the problem), I would try to entice them to get some kind of skill so that they could not easily be replaced by a robot, immigrant or someone from a 3rd world country.  If they could not be inspired to find a skill to pursue then I would have to try and train them on how to be happy with little money cause the easy jobs with decent pay seem to be disappearing.  If they’re not outsourcing they’re hiring cheap labour and the only thing I have over an immigrant who will work way harder than me for less money is that I can speak English.  I think knowing how to speak English isn’t going to be that special one day.  They outsource call center jobs to India and the Philippines.  I don’t know if that was possible 20 years ago.  The next time “David” answers your call with an Indian accent you know what’s up.

It seems unfair that the ones who lived comfortably for so long may have to see a demise to their way of living for themselves and to their future generations of family.  But the same system that is presently less favourable to the middle class and less than middle class in the western society is also the system that brought them decades of a comfortable standard of living while billions around the world lived in poverty.  Some of the very poor aren’t as poor anymore.  If you ever wanted to give to charity you may have done so by having your wage cut, not getting a raise or losing your job.

This is just life I think.  It doesn’t have to be this way in theory but it’s going to be.  It is unfair that there’s such an inequality of wealth distribution but when has wealth and power ever been distributed fairly.  The rich use, abuse and exploit the not rich.    There’s 7 billion of us eating from the same piece of pie and that pie never really gets any bigger but there’s always more people.

I’m not sure what I’m really trying to say except life is ever-changing and it seems unfair only when you get the shorter end of the stick.   Since the beginning of time, groups of people got shafted so another group could benefit.  Maybe it’s just our turn now.

I just watched the documentary, Detropia and felt inspired to write something.  If a once thriving city like Detroit can become what it has become today then why can’t it happen anywhere else?  I guess it depends on what industry your city thrives on.


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