The Bullshit of LIfe

If you believed in Jesus Christ all your life and found out after you died that it was all a crap of lies, wouldn’t you be pissed off?  Hypothetically speaking of course.  If you could do it over again you probably wouldn’t devote anymore Sundays to the church or have any guilty feeling for getting pissed drunk.  Why?  Because once bullshit reveals itself you can’t go back to it.

It’s difficult sometimes to decipher BS from the truth especially when emotions and ego are involved.  We can go a whole lifetime believing in crap if it makes us feel good.  We can also believe in crap cause we’re too scared to entertain the truth cause it makes us feel shitty about ourselves.

One of the biggest fallacies in life is that we think people care about us or that they care about us just for who we are.  Given enough time and opportunity the truth, if you allow yourself to see it, will show you that people generally only care about themselves.  They only care about you if they can benefit from you or if you compliment their existence.  When I say compliment their existence I mean you make them feel good about themselves.  For example, rich people tend to only hang out with rich people.  Yuppies don’t hang out with hippies.  Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t hang out with anyone but Jehovah’s Witnesses.

No one is going to spend much time and energy on you if they don’t get anything out of it.  You have to remember that we’re really just animals and not this special species that’s above any monkey clan roaming this earth.  We’ll sometimes cross paths with old friends that seem so excited to see us and project an impression that they care about us.  At that moment they may actually feel that way but that’s just for that moment.  When people are face to face like that they can get all emotional.  It’s sort of a monkey instinct to be nice to someone when you see them in person.

It will sound extremely cynical when I say that even when people call you once in a while it is merely a selfish action.  They feel obligation because of your relationship title or they have to clear their conscience and get that obligatory birthday phone call out of the way.

Perhaps this is just how it works.  I think the most selfless selfish reason that anyone would want to be friends with you is because they enjoy your company.

Bullshit needs to be able to run its course for the truth to reveal itself.  Most people think attaining monetary wealth is the key to ultimate happiness.  It’s only the few that make it to this pinnacle of wealth that get to see it’s not what it was cracked up to be.  For the rest that never realize this dream they continue on believing if they could just make a bit more money they would reach their dream of happiness.  It’s similar when it comes to people.  You have to be let down enough and beat all the possible goodness from the people in your life to be able to see that your connection is based on fragile bullshit.

It makes sense that no one wants to question the bullshitness of their life and relationships.  It could break down their whole existence to nothing.  It’s better to be in denial or even better, ignorance.



6 comments on “The Bullshit of LIfe

  1. Hmm…I agree with you on some points, as I’ve experienced disappointment in people (and then myself for thinking those people truly gave a crap). But I don’t think all of my relationships are based on bullshit – but if I like hanging out with my girlfriends because I truly enjoy their company, is that me being selfish or bullshit? I can’t figure it out!


    • MrJohnson says:

      I should have titled this post, “The Bullshit of My Life” instead. I don’t really think being with someone cause you enjoy their company is selfish unless you want to be really negative which I probably came off as. I think that’s as genuine as you’re going to get in this world and you can’t ask for anything more. I’m sometimes stuck in my own world and forget that there are people out there who have genuine relationships.


      • Heard. Although, you seem like a pretty genuine person through your writing – I hate that you don’t have any relationships that feel that way for you. But learning people are into you, or pretend to care for you because it is in their best interests is a really shitty thing to experience. I’ve lost more ‘friends’ in the past few years due to this but found the true relationships in my life that will hopefully last forever. Bullshit in life sucks!


  2. culturemonk says:

    We are definitely very self centered creatures……however, if we’re fortunate we have the potential of meeting people along our journey that end up being life-long friends….but we only know who those people are when we near the end of our life and they are still right there beside us


  3. […] It makes sense that no one wants to question the bullshitness of their life and relationships. It could break down their whole existence to nothing. It’s better to be in denial or even better, ignorance. Mr. Johnson’s Blog […]


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