A bit about health

Taking care or trying to take care of your health is a son of a bitch.  It’s really no fun most of the time and difficult to even know if you’re doing the right things.  With all the half ass studies and research, knowledge about health can be almost like a faith.  Since food is something everyone puts in their mouth everyday there’s always going to be misleading information from any group that benefits economically from it.  You really have to question everything and at the end of the day critically question with an open mind if the food, drink, vitamin, drugs, chemical you put in your body was ever meant to be for human consumption.


Very regularly you will hear of a new study that found a link that this causes this and that helps this.  When you listen to the wording it’s all the same.  They use words such as, “possible”,  “link”, “suggests”, “may be”, “correlation”.  It’s never even close to being conclusive and it’s never studied in a controlled environment.  Many of the health studies use thousands of people as their test subjects over many years but communicate their eating habits through memory and the honour system.  The other flaw is that the research doesn’t  accurately account for lifestyle or fact that not everyone puts the same exact types of foods in their body.  The test subjects and the lack of control are the downfalls to the credibility of all these studies.  You can’t say red meat is bad for people cause lots of people who are unhealthy eat red meat.  They are unhealthy cause they eat everything, anything and anytime.  To really know if a particular food is unhealthy you would have to strictly monitor a bunch of people and only have that one food be the difference in their diet.  Counting on thousands of people’s feedback over many years is unreliable.  People are full of shit.  Also the researchers will tailor the questions and answers to the benefit of what they want the study to show.

Another thing about health findings when it comes to food is that sometimes there was never even any research done.  For the longest time they were saying eating more than 4 eggs a week was bad for you cause it would give you high cholesterol.  That was based on logic which was based on nothing.   The idea was that eggs contain lots of cholesterol, therefore if you eat lots of eggs you will have high cholesterol.  That’s it.  They never took a bunch of people and shoved eggs in them and then checked to see if their cholesterol levels went up.  According to the recommended daily value (RDI), 1 egg meets the maximum dose of cholesterol per day.  How do they even come up with what the RDI is?  I have no idea.  I don’t even know how one can.  The whole egg myth has been debunked.  They took like 30 people and shoved 1 egg in them a day for 30 days and their cholesterol didn’t go up at all.  Dietary cholesterol does not translate into high bodily cholesterol.   I could go on forever about food and nutrition myths.  I can almost say that anything taught in school about food and nutrition was bogus except that junk food is bad for you.

Sometimes they say this food has a lot of this so you should eat lots of it and it becomes the new superfood.  No one I knew was eating kale until recently.  I never even heard of it until recently.  More recently coconut water has been all the rage.  You couldn’t even find this stuff on supermarket shelves a few  years ago now they’re everywhere and people buy them in cases.  It’s more about money it seems than health.  A lot of foods are high in certain nutrients but there’s no information on how your body absorbs them or if it’s even able to.


What do you think of when you hear this word?  Something to the tune of getting off alcohol, drugs or maybe sticking up something up your butt.  To me anytime you’re not putting anything in your body you are detoxing or cleansing.  Everytime you put something in your body you’re making your body work and sometimes you make it work too hard.  You know when you drink too much liquor the next morning you feel like crap and the last thing you want is to even smell booze.  That’s your body telling you that you are an idiot and anymore of this stuff anytime soon will hurt you even more.

Another example is when you get a stomach ache and don’t want to eat or drink anything.  Your body is trying to clean itself from whatever crap you poisoned it with and it’s not ready to take anything in.

In a not so extreme example, have you ever thought about what you wanted to eat for dinner but everything that comes to mind does not appeal to you no matter how many choices you have?  You’re just sick of what you normally eat?  It could be that it’s your body’s way of saying it doesn’t want any of the crap you always put in there.

So whenever you’re making your body work overtime it’s probably not good for you.

If you drank 5 beers in 1 hour you would get a pretty good buzz.  If you drank 5 beers throughout the whole day then you’d probably be ok.  I think how you eat something is just as important as what you eat.  If you eat too much bad stuff in one sitting it’s like overdosing.  Although you won’t die your body is not liking the amount of unhealthy food at one time.   It’s a healthier option to take your unhealthy food in small doses instead of binge eating.  How do you feel after 4 slices of pizza or 4 pieces of fried chicken?  A lot worse than if you only had 1.


It seems that the definition for this term is…something that can be eaten and you won’t die right away and if you do end up dying from it years later then no one can prove it.

What to eat and what not to eat

I don’t have an answer for this one.  My take on it is, eat the foods that make you feel your best.  If something is making you feel funny then it’s probably not good for you.  Also, if you regularly have shitty experiences in the crapper that’s another sign.  I think you have to try to get your vitamins and minerals from plant sources as part of your regular diet.  That’s just the way the human body was designed just like how a car can only take certain fuel.  A new car can take some abuse but after some years it’s going to let you down.

Conclusion for now

Even the most popular healthy eating gurus admittedly eat unhealthy food.  You’re fooling yourself if you think you can resist the likes of ice cream, potato chips, beer, chocolate, uppers, downers, cookies, cakes, pies, fast food, something that you’ve never seen before but comes in a package and is sold at a legitimate supermarket.  We’ll put anything in our mouth as long as it is considered “safe”.   I would consider myself to be regularly health conscious but I am also regularly consuming foods not healthy or downright unhealthy.  Sometimes I just don’t give a shit.  I think to myself… so what if I put shit in my body sometimes.  To do something that’s not a lot of fun like always eating healthy, school or anything, there really has to be a good reason and often there has to be a strong belief of a reward at the end.   Who would torture themselves in university studying something they don’t like if they didn’t think it would possibly amount to something?  Actually I know a few but they still had their reasons.  Social pressure is a bitch.  I could only see myself almost always eating healthy if I felt I needed to lose weight, my doctor said I’m a gluttonous unhealthy bastard who is a detriment to the health care system who will suffer horrible consequences, or if I always felt like crap.  Otherwise I can’t find the motivation to care that much.



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