I don’t know about this reading stuff

Since the beginning of my time, reading has not been one of my favourite things to do.  It’s like one of those things in life you feel you’re suppose to do and if you don’t then you’re suppose to feel like a stupid head.  Who decided that people who read lots are better in some way than non readers?  Or am I the only one who thinks people think like this?  Isn’t reading just another hobby like sports, video games, origami, scrap booking,  photography, etc?  Some like it and some don’t and if you don’t it’s ok.

I buy all these books  intending to read them but it never happens most of the time yet I continue to tell myself I should read more.   Why do I do this?  Wait, I answered that already.  Cause I’m brainwashed.  For sure reading has its benefits.  You get information and entertainment out of it.  Apparently it improves your writing too.  Luckily for me I’m just a ghetto blogger.

Not enjoying reading was my downfall throughout my school years.  It’s really hard to study when you don’t like to read especially when the material is so boring in the first place.  I think I’m going to give up on the pursuit of reading.  I’ll stick to videos, podcasts and maybe try out audio books.  Anything I read I end up forgetting anyway so what’s the point?  I’ve enjoyed the books I read but it’s just so difficult for me to sit down and commit to finishing one usually.  Even when I see a blog post over 1000 words I’m hesitant to read it.  It’s just so much easier to sit in front of a TV screen and let the images and sound get absorbed by your senses.

The book is better than the movie though.  I guess so.  The book also takes 10 times as long as the movie.  I find it crazy how people commit and finish those thick ass novels that are like 600 pages of small font.  People love books.  There’s too many book lovers to deny this.  I’d probably read if I had no other forms of entertainment available to me.  Even then it would be a maybe.  I’d probably instead choose to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and crack jokes to myself in my head.  If I ever become really rich I’ll pay someone to read to me.



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