Always Hungry

Diet post? Life post?  Both I guess.  Most of my meals during the work week are pretty health conscious which usually leads to hunger much faster than if I were to just stuff myself with unnatural foods.  It got me to thinking though.  Being really hungry is one of those things in life that we try to avoid and can easily remedy but in  hunter gatherer days you would probably be hungry almost all the time.  It wasn’t as easy as going to a store or packing a lunch.  Food was scarce and competition was fierce.  I like to watch animal documentaries and it always shows how difficult it is to get food even for the most excellent predators like leopards and bears.  Often they end up starving to death.

This makes me think that we were always meant to be hungry and hunting whether it be for food or something else.  There was never a coziness before to life.  If you wanted to survive you had to devote your life to it.  Today food, shelter and safety are pretty easy to come by for most people in the developed world.  Even if you have a shitty low paying job that you hate, you just have to do it and you’ll be ok.  It’s not enough for many people though.  They’re always hungry for more.  It’s somewhat frowned upon to not be satisfied with what you have already but I think it’s just natural human behaviour.  Once you stop being hungry you stop hunting and it feels there’s not much reason to live.

The unnatural foods like the starches and sugar fill you up just like how TV and internet fills up your life.  It doesn’t usually do any good for you in the long run but it keeps you from being hungry.  It stops you from thinking about what you should or might want to do next.  In the end I think it just makes you feel unfulfilled.  Once you stop hunting it feels like you’re dying.  Surviving was not meant to be this easy so maybe the consequence is feeling depressed.  I’m not hunting right now.  I want to but I don’t know where to go and some things don’t feel like they’re worth chasing.

On an unrelated topic the 50 year old married couple upstairs who are my landlords are annoying me at this very moment with their massage chair that they have to use everyday.  Sometimes they use it before work in the morning and it’s loud.  Sounds like someone roller skating upstairs.  They are a couple of squares too.  It annoys me how squarish they can be sometimes.  Typical Chinese immigrants from that generation.  Always paranoid about stuff.   I’m not even sure how crazy they are about living.  They work a regular schedule, come home, eat take out, watch tv and repeat.  Yes I know that’s like my life minus the take out but I just can’t see how they can amuse themselves.   They’re probably more mentally stable than I am so who knows.  They probably think I’m insanely odd too.


4 comments on “Always Hungry

  1. David Yerle says:

    I’ve often thought about the link between depression and having our needs covered. Our brain needs to be occupied and, when it’s not, it looks for other problems to solve. You may be onto something here…


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya the universe doesn’t want us doing nothing while we’re on the clock. We’re just its workers and it couldn’t care less about our sadness or death. God or the universe is our boss and it won’t pay us our happiness unless we do their bidding.


  2. If you have a shitty low paying job, then you’re hoping for things to get better. Even if you aren’t actively hunting because you don’t know how, you’re still hoping, so maybe that’s what people hang on to. That something will change. If you’re a millionaire and can’t find something useful to do with your power and money that will give you a sense of purpose, then you’re just a moron.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Hope definitely keeps people going. Hope fades though especially when there’s nothing to the hope besides wishful thinking. But even then there’s still the ‘you never know’ factor so I guess you never know. I think a millionaire can find no purpose in life if they are selfish enough. I’ll have a better idea of this when I win the lottery this weekend.


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