Life is like a game

You’ve probably heard the term,  “life is like a game.”  I think it’s pretty accurate for most people.  A game is something people play that has rules and everyone wants to be the winner or at least not the loser or sometimes they are just happy to be able to play.  If you don’t play by the rules you get penalized and fall  behind everyone else.  You have a choice to not play but then you’ll have no one else to play with.  The most popular game in life is to make money, achieve social status, raise a family, have a significant other, be respected, etc.  This is like basketball, football, hockey…the sports that the majority watch and talk about.  Saying “screw you” to the game of life or failing at it is like playing lacrosse, field hockey, water polo or some other unglamorous sport…you will have a hard time finding anyone to play with or getting admiration.

I think being obsessed with sports is retarded.  Millions and millions of people (mainly males) would be offended by that statement but I think it’s true.  Why does someone even care if “their team” wins or loses?  If they win the championship what do they get out of it?  Nothing! Not even a day off work or a coupon.  Probably even less than nothing cause of all the money and time devoted to this team.  It just shows you how life is so meaningless for most people.  Who are you really rooting for?  A bunch of people who never lived in your city, who will leave for another team within a few years.

In Canada, hockey is the #1 sport and if you are a guy and you don’t like hockey people think there is something wrong with you.  Our team in Vancouver is comprised of 50% non Canadians and no one is from Vancouver.  How is that “our team?”  When you were in high school your basketball team was comprised of people who went to your high school not people from other schools or other cities.

People need something to live for I guess.  I’ve known people who would believe that having kids and seeing the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley cup was all there is to life.  Really?   Whatever.  I guess when you have nothing else to believe in, life can seem meaningless.  I used to really like watching hockey and was really into it come playoff time.  It was like I was part of the team just because I lived in the same city.  People just want to be  part of something.  To be able to band together cause of some commonality.  It’s not really “your team” though.  How is it?  You’re just some schmuck who lives in the same city this team plays in.  You think these people are playing for you?  Ya right, they are playing for their million dollar salaries.  It’s just another thing in life that I used to believe in but no longer do.






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