All Blogs Come To An End?

I’ve been actively doing this WordPress thing for about a couple years now.  Perhaps my definition of active is not the same as other bloggers but I never gave it up for months at a time or even weeks for the most part.  What I’ve come to notice is that many bloggers sooner or later stop blogging.

Why do people quit?  I guess when it stops being new or fun or they weren’t getting the attention they hoped for.  Some people don’t only quit but delete their whole blog probably for some kind of privacy issue.  I’m a bit of a bitch.  I get sad not seeing people post anymore even if I only interacted with them a couple times.  I also get kind of sad when people who used to comment on my blog are no longer blogging or reading my blog.  Perhaps I’m sentimental.

Today a person I followed did a final post on how it was going to be her last.  Holy shit did I get emotional.  I wasn’t a long time follower of her blog but she had many followers and she was very dedicated with posting and replying to comments.  When you interact with bloggers they become part of your life, especially when you don’t have much of a life like myself.  Seeing bloggers leave the community feels like someone is leaving your life.

This makes me wonder if and when I will stop this blogging business.  I find it amazing that I’m still here after 170 posts of stuff that only generated a handful of real followers.  Following a person’s blog regularly is like following  a reality show.  The person you are following isn’t famous or anything but if you read enough about their life you want to keep following.  It’s like they have a file on your hard drive.  I thought the ideas of posts would have stopped by now but they haven’t.  I find that in order for me to have a new thought I have to get rid of an existing one and blogging about it does that.  Once it’s out I don’t think much about it anymore and I can move on.  It’s like therapy.

Perhaps this blogging thing is just something to tide you over until you get to your next destination.  It’s sad to see people come and go but I’m glad this blogging thing is here for people when they feel they need it.  I think when most of us start blogging we wish for massive amounts of readership but thinking about it makes me think it can be more trouble than it’s worth.  Responding to a shitload of comments and having to be more cautious about what you write can be grueling.  Sometimes I think too much about who might get offended from what I write that it makes me backspace and delete but I don’t think I should.  I should write whatever the heck I want cause that’s the whole idea of this blog.   If I rack my brain on who might get offended then I’m limiting my writing.

It’s been pretty rad meeting all of you and exchanging thoughts and stories.  This kind of sounds like a post I did when I got high on MDMA but I can assure you I’m fully sober even though it’s Saturday.  I’m being a woman right now.  If this blogging is just a temporary stop in my life I will never forget it or you.  I really hope all of you continue reading and continue blogging even if it’s only monthly.  Wouldn’t it be cool if 10 years from now we’re still blogging together or at least still reading each others blogs?  Guess we’ll see.  See you next time and I love you all.





16 comments on “All Blogs Come To An End?

  1. sophielola says:

    i find it really hard to stay following a few blogs – there’s so much on the internet and its just so easy to click ‘follow’ and then never go back. i’ll do my best 🙂 xx


    • MrJohnson says:

      It definitely is easy to follow loads of blogs. I find myself clicking the follow button pretty easily too. I’ll stay for a while but if the blog ain’t doing it for me I’ll unfollow. Thank you for dropping by and commenting!


  2. David Yerle says:

    I haven’t been blogging for 2 years but I know exactly what you mean. I’d get emotional if some of the people I follow stopped blogging. Getting more readers has also made me more cautious: for example, I used to include more rants about religion but some of the people I have developed a relationship with get hurt every time I do that, so now I’m a bit more careful (I still rant, but I’m not as venomous). Though maybe you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t. In a way, a blog is like your home and you should be able to write whatever the heck you please. On the other hand, once you’ve been writing for a while your blog starts “belonging” to other people who look forward to what you have to say. It’s a little strange, really.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Strange indeed. I too hold back with statements and jokes that relate to religion and a couple other groups. I guess your readers become sort of like your friends and no one wants to offend their friends if they don’t have to. But if you were being genuine before they followed you then chances are they won’t get offended. I only came on this thing so I could be real cause in real life you have to bite your tongue all of the time. Have to keep it at least mostly real anyway.


  3. Celia says:

    Do you read the blog “Harsh Reality” by an Opinionated Man? There is also a blog by someone named “Kenneth Justice” . . .

    I like the sincerity of your writing. It is sad when people stop blogging. Yet as you say some of the illusions about blogging wear off after you’ve done it for a while. . . . it stops being an ideal getaway and becomes something more like a hotel that you run. . .

    On another topic, can you remember where that post about Leslie Carter (dissing her) was? I was looking for it this morning, and couldn’t find it


  4. kalyrical says:

    Ahh… the day will probably come, but for now, I think you shouldn’t think of your blog as something that “only generated a handful of real followers.” Don’t blog for anyone– blog for yourself. There must be some reason why you’ve made 170 posts. And I doubt it’s solely done for your “handful of followers”. So stop belittling your blog!

    I personally love reading your blog because of how frank and down to earth you are. Sadly, I’m not on wordpress as much as I’d like to be to catch all your posts, but all the ones that I do catch, i love reading. I’m still excited to see your future posts 🙂 We love you too!


    • MrJohnson says:

      Probably eh? When have you ever seen a personal blog that has been around for 5 years? In the beginning I thought I really wanted way more readers and comments but I don’t think I do anymore. And yes there is a reason why I’m still here blogging and it’s not really for anyone but myself. My thoughts have to come out somehow. But still there must be a desire to connect with other people otherwise I would just be writing on Microsoft Word instead of publishing it on the internet.

      Thank you for letting me know you admire this war zone of thoughts. Let me be crazy so you don’t have to be. Hahaha. WordPress certainly can’t be a priority for you as you have school, friends and other stuff but it’s cool that you’re still around. I enjoy reading your blog too cause it shines a little light of joy in my world.


      • kalyrical says:

        Haha thank you! 😀 My blog is a mess of me being serious, then silly, then jumping back to being serious. But I love writing, so I do a lot of it for myself 🙂 But I know what you mean about wanting to interact with others out there and publishing posts. But hopefully, that doesn’t cause the both of us to stop blogging/censor our posts! (you have no problem with the censoring part…I on the other hand always feel constrained from what they tell us at business school :/)


  5. Kanerva says:

    Interesting post, I change the rotation of blogs that come immediately, daily, weekly and never every now and again. When the ones that are on never move to daily updates or immediately it’s like catching up with old friends. I have a core of 5 or 6 that I interact with regularly both on my blog and theirs.

    I’d like to think we are still around after 5 or 10 years!


  6. Blog for you. Blog for fun! You’ve got a great thing going on here. Cheers!


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