Is it possible Happiness does not exist?

I’ll admit I have believed in happiness for 98% of my life.  The last 6 months or less being the 2%.  My belief in happiness was similar to that of  someone who believes in Jesus.  You believe it exists but have never seen it and neither has anyone else you know of.  However, you’ve seen it in movies and people always preach that you can find it.  No matter how many years go by without real evidence you just keep on believing.

I’m not so sure anymore.  Well, I think I am sure.  I don’t think it exists.  Not the everlasting kind that we’re all looking for and for sure not for most of us.  Definitely there’s spurts of happiness here and there but that’s just the same as getting high or drunk.  We’re looking for one long semi euphoric rush that never meets a come down.

If you think about it, “happiness” is just a word to describe a feeling.  There was once a time that no such word existed.  Maybe the idea of being happy only existed when the word was invented.  Happiness could just be a fairy tale.

Telling someone happiness does not exist is like telling a 5 year old, Santa Claus doesn’t exist or a die hard Christian that Jesus does not exist.  They won’t believe it and won’t even entertain the idea.  Who wants to believe the one thing that everyone is striving for does not exist?

The way I see it is, happiness is like the dangling carrot.  We’re designed to desire it and chase it but not have it for very long if at all.  You may have heard before that we were all meant to be happy.  No we weren’t.  We were all meant to ensure the survival of our species and to continually figure out ways to enhance it.  Since when did anyone design anything for the sole purpose of someone else’s happiness?  The universe does not give a shit about your happiness.  It’s just a lure to get you to reproduce, continue eating and to search for a more comfortable habitat.

We want to believe in happiness because we spend so much of our lives not being happy and struggling for some kind of peace.  We want to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is worth fighting for.  Perhaps we’re not miserable but we’re not usually flying high and that’s where we’d rather be.  That’s why we snort, drink, rectally induce and swallow.  But that’s not real happiness, right?  It’s as real as any other happiness..short and depressing after.

Why is it happiness is different for everyone and everywhere?  Howcome it’s not like 2 + 2 = 4?  You see  some of these 3rd world inhabitants on TV saying how happy they are even though they work so hard for barely enough to eat and they sleep on dirt.  Are they telling the truth? Were they just having a good day?  I don’t know.  Possibly they feel happy because they get the high feeling more easily.  Daddy brings home an apple for 4 of them to share and they go bonkers.

The whole happiness idea is more of a developed nation thing.  When it’s so easy to survive we get bored and then we get unhappy because there’s so much time on our hands.  If surviving is so easy then what?  How about finding happiness!

Happiness is this memory and dream that we chase.  Our monkey brains are designed to go after these things that we think will make us happy.  When you think back on the times you were happy, you want to go back to those times.  You want to recreate them for your future.  You watch movies and see these people so damn happy and you’re convinced if you lived a life closer to theirs you would be happy too.

I think the happiness that people chase comes in the form of envy and acceptance.  You try to be the best you can be in your community.  Trying to be happy is really just trying to enhance your community and yourself.  The feeling of envy and admiration from your community is the happiness people are chasing.  I don’t think you can be “happy” by doing nothing.

The most unhappiest thing one can do is chase something that doesn’t exist and fail miserably.  Believing that there is possibly no such thing as happiness provides me with a sense of relief.  Screw you nature, I’m not falling for your dirty trick any longer.  I must sound like such a miserable SOB.  Hahaha.

I do believe though there are some lucky ones out there that live a mostly happy life.  I sort of believe this because there’s people out there who are always depressed no matter what so isn’t it possible there’s some out there who are almost always happy?  Like a lean mean serotonin machine? Who knows.  The thing about happiness is that just like religion, science cannot disprove it.  As long as it cannot be disproven people will always believe in it.

Although I don’t really believe in happiness like I did before, I will welcome it anytime and entertain the possibility because I can’t help myself.  Just like when powdered, pilled or liquid happiness comes around, I just say yes.

Just wanted to say that I don’t rectally induce anything but if you do it is ok.  It gets to the bloodstream faster that way.



12 comments on “Is it possible Happiness does not exist?

  1. Maybe your problem here is seeing happiness how others see it. Why not just invent for yourself what happiness should be and live by that? Don’t worry how others have defined happiness in the past. Happiness doesn’t come from things out there, but from within.


    • MrJohnson says:

      If I saw happiness the same way as everyone else I’d know what to do and definitely would have nothing to say about the topic. I don’t know about just inventing it and believing in it. Or maybe I just have to believe.


      • It would be ideal if you could just be happy with things other people are, but as you are not, then you would be better off to find happiness in your own personal way. And yes, certainly believe in it, as it is your own decision, so go with what you think is best. The way I tend to look at happiness is that its not necessarily about things that give me pleasure here and now, though sometimes it is, its often about acting so as to live without regrets that I could have done something but didn’t.


        • MrJohnson says:

          Thank you. I am trying to find my own way indeed. Believing is not that easy though. I wish it was like a switch but it takes a lot more. If it was easy to make someone believe we would all be Jehovah Witnesses and they do not give up. Hopefully I find this happiness thing before I get cancer. The race is on.


        • MrJohnson says:

          And ego is a son of a bitch


  2. Well it’s an overrated concept that’s been beaten into us by Western pop culture. I know I’m never gonna have it. Must be in our genes. An ex-coworker of mine has a terrible life…in debt, losing her house, way overweight, nothing good. But she’s always chirping about how tomorrow is gonna be better. She says that about everything in the world that’s wrong and evil, that it will all get better. So rather than seeing that as uplifting, I can’t really relate to her anymore as a thinking person. She’s definitely got the dangling carrot gene, with self-preservation or denial or whatever at the root. But some of us know we’re not here to chase happiness, and we’re just as human, if not more.

    Sometimes I wonder if all languages even have a word for it. It could mean ‘not as terrified as usual’ in some places.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It does seem overrated. I’m starting to think it’s propaganda for the economy. Buy this, go here, etc and you’ll be one step closer to happiness. Sounds like your ex-coworker is either good at pretending or is really good at not giving a shit and being care free. If being more human means being more evolved then I agree that non carrot chasers are probably more human.

      “Not as terrified as usual’ hahaha. Ya something like that.


  3. caravantesmayra says:

    I just have to say.. this post completely defines the way I feel and view it to the T… funny thing though is that I am considered what you call a “serotonin machine” .


    • MrJohnson says:

      A real live serotonin machine! Please give me some of your blood or cough in my face so that I can possibly catch what you have. And you can connect with what I write about too? You must speak cynically but with a big smile on your face.


      • caravantesmayra says:

        haha.. it’s like you know me, what the.. ?! I think cynically, with a big smile on my face. hehe ..that’s the trick 😉


  4. anna says:

    The fact that we are all searching for happiness indicates that it does exist. It is intrinsic to our very being to be happy. But the problem is that most people don’t know where to find real happiness. They seek happiness in sensual pleasures, relationships, material acquisitions, worldly knowledge and so forth. But as we have all experienced, the happiness from such things is temporary, it’s also often accompanied by suffering and it doesn’t satisfy us. So we move from one thing to the next in a futile attempt to suck some happiness. And of course we never do.

    But real happiness does exist, such happiness is deep and everlasting and beyond words to describe. Pure happiness exists in the hearts of every single one of us. The analogy is used by the sages that the seed of happiness exists in our hearts, but we need to cultivate it. We need to know how to water it and fertilize it and help it grow and blossom. This is a long subject – one that i can not possibly cover here. But I know of a book that will be published on this subject sometime in the future. If you are interested, let me know and i will let you know when it’s released.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I can’t agree that if everyone is searching for happiness it must mean it exists. Millions if not billions search for a God but it doesn’t mean it exists. Humans search for anything that they think will bring everlasting meaning or a purpose to their lives.
      Everyone is also searching for monetary wealth whether they are actively searching or not. Just like happiness some have given up cause it seems too difficult cause they know not everyone can have it.
      Perhaps ‘real happiness’ does exist but for sure not for a lot of people. We are animals just like all other animals that constantly suffer and that are only here to survive and perpetuate the species.
      To expect happiness is to ask for disappointment. Your words seem very Buddhist like if I’m not mistaken. The Buddhist don’t even believe in happiness, only a middle path. They have to numb their minds by meditating otherwise unhappiness seeps in.

      Everlasting happiness is a fluke if anything.


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