My Saturday

This morning I strolled down to the playground to do some exercise and there was this 4 year old Italian kid caling me a “bad guy” and a “murderer.”  Sounded like “murderer” anyway.   This little fuck was not shy at all.  He was with his dad who half hardheartedly told him to leave me alone but the kid didn’t give a shit what his dad said.   He even walked passed me and gave me this Italian hand gesture.  He then tried to taunt me to get me to do the Gangnam Style dance and at one point said he wanted to fight me.  Was he being a racist piece of shit?  I don’t know.  This kid is like 3 feet tall and he’s challenging me to a fight when I could whirl him across the monkey bars?  I don’t know where he got his guts from but I’m going to have to guess his dad’s a fuckhead cause where can a 4 year old develop such a shitty personality?

Come noon time I wanted to go shopping for a Zippo lighter.  I think they’re so cool.  My friends and I all had one when we were teenagers but always managed to lose them somehow.  All of us.  There must be like millions of lost Zippos out there.  There’s a few hundred styles to choose from but most of them have tacky designs on them.  This is the one I chose.  Took this picture with my Samsung Galaxy S3.  Holy shit is it sharp.  Point and shoot digital cameras have become more useless since these high resolution capable smartphones have come around.  Cool thing about Zippos are that they are windproof and you can do tricks with them.  Made in a 1st world country too!  USA USA USA.  Apparently outdoor enthusiasts favour Zippos cause of the their dependability in shitty weather.


I owned 2 other Zippo’s in my life.  The first was when I was 14 which was borrowed to light someone’s cigarette and I guess someone decided to runaway with it.  The second when I was 15, it was taken away when a few of us were confronted by a gang of Vietnamese punks who decided to jump us for our shit.  We went back to that pool hall the next week and beat the shit out of one of the guys.  Sounds like a disgusting and heartless thing to do but it seemed so justified at the time when I was immersed in a certain way of thinking and lifestyle.

This is a Zippo trick that I thought I invented as a teenager but was probably invented by someone else before I was even thought of.  Wouldn’t it be cool though if I actually invented it?

Later in the afternoon I went to the near by park to sit on my lounge chair, drink beer and listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast.  He had this guest, Christopher Ryan who is the author of the book, Sex at Dawn.   Apparently it’s a popular book.  He brought up this interesting theory.  Not sure if it’s a theory or an actual fact but he stated the creation of marriage,  monogamy and the sin of adultery was set in place to determine kinship.  When owning property became part of society, blood relationship came into place to decide inheritance.  Back then when there was no DNA testing there wasn’t a way to really know who was related to who.  If humans had no rules and no morals they would just go around screwing anyone and no one would have a 100% idea who impregnated who.  I think the idea was that if people could not pass on their property to someone then they wouldn’t strive to work and own anything that took  years to acquire.  People would just live for the day.  Having someone to leave your estate to, gave people a purpose to work hard.  No one would want to work hard to pass on their empire to someone they had no relationship with.

This was my beer can holder.


A couple hours into my lounging, my cousin called me and decided to come by and hang out.  It made the day that much better.    It was an enjoyable day.  I wonder if blue sky naturally makes humans feel good or if it’s something we’ve been brainwashed to believe.


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  1. MrJohnson says:

    ‘lettersformike’ is a fake liker.


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