There’s only one way to not care about what people think

You always hear people saying, “who cares what people think.”  Everyone gives the impression that they live life entirely according to their own individual desires yet they coincidentally live the same life with the same ideas.  When I say “everyone” I am generalizing but you know what I mean.

I’ve found the only way to really not give a shit about what anyone thinks is to have less people in your life.  Why can’t you not give a shit and still have tons of people in your life?  Maybe one can.  I don’t know.  I guess that would make the title of this blog incorrect.  Perhaps instead it should be, “A theory on how to not care about what people think.”   Or I could just change the title and delete this paragraph.

I think the more tribes or close relationships you are connected with, the more difficult it is to really live life as you truly please.  In theory it would seem you could just not give a shit but I think that goes against our primordial instincts.  With less people in your life there’s less judgement, less ideas battling each other, less negativity, less voices of criticism.  If your choices in life are not on the same path as the others around you then you are most likely going to get negative criticism.  The further away your ideas are from others the deeper the criticism.  People don’t care about what you want.  They only care about what makes them feel better about themselves.

Almost sounds like I’m telling you to ditch all the people in your life in order to have a chance to do what you truly want.  Definitely not saying that.  I’m just saying if your life ever became almost void of regular communication with the people you consider yourself attached to, you would see many new angles about life and yourself.   For myself I’ve just accidentally found that with less people in my life the more free I am able to be.  Sounds like a total nutty theory, I know.  Cause aren’t people one of the key ingredients to a good life?  Probably but most people are shitty and chances are there’s shitty people in your life and you may not realize it cause as long as you’re connected with them then you’re probably influenced by them and connecting on the same shitty level.  It’s really difficult in our society to push away people who hold these titles like family or long time friend.  It’s like the mafia or something and once these people hold one of these prestigious titles it’s like they are ‘made.’

Our survival instincts tell us that more people the better.  This most likely was the case when we were hunter gatherers.  In those times you definitely wanted to be with the largest and strongest group.  Being alone would mean death pretty quickly.  I’m starting to think though that is the only reason why people tend to want to gravitate to large groups.. for survival purposes.  But if you absolutely know that you don’t need a tribe or anyone to survive, is it possible being alone might be the happier card to play?  Not being committed to anyone or any group?  Cause as humans we get sick of people if we see them day in and day out.  We get sick of everything and anyone unless if it’s constantly giving us joy or ensuring our survival.  We’re always breaking up with people, cutting ties with friends, acquaintances and reliving the process over and over again.  People tend to only tolerate other people when they need them for something to enhance or ensure their survival but once they aren’t doing it for them anymore then the communication slowly erodes to nothing.  Seems unnatural to even think being alone could be better than belonging to someone,  some group or groups but we live in a very unnatural world.

I always to do this.  I start writing a post when it’s near my bedtime and am not fully sure if I even think I made sense but will press the ‘publish’ button anyway cause well, it doesn’t really matter.




8 comments on “There’s only one way to not care about what people think

  1. David Yerle says:

    This post has the perfect combination of cynicism and truth in it. And your solution is perfectly reasonable.


  2. Not a nutty theory at all; you make a lot of sense. It’s how I’ve been living my life for the past few years. There had been times, though, I sought the company of others because I didn’t want to appear strange. I ended up being alone anyway, more often for the reason that I got tired of “maintaining” connections and friendships.

    One more thing I’ve noticed, if we do not conform, or not hold the same opinion as others, or of we process relationships with a different outlook, it’s easy to get branded as a cynic.

    I’m glad you pressed the “Publish” button on this.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Being alone or more alone seems to solve many problems. Ya, as humans we get the urge/weakness to seek out company. I think wanting to be around people can be just like any other interest in life…you get sick of it eventually and move on. Sometimes move on to being alone.

      I hate how cynicism is mistaken for negativity. People will always crap on people for not believing what they believe. Human nature, right?

      I’m glad I hit ‘Publish’ as well! It’s not that easy sometimes.


      • You were able to articulate thoughts I hadn’t been able to put across until now. But they had been in the back of my mind all along.

        Pardon me for the typo above: should’ve been “if we process…”

        Hope you don’t mind if I read some more posts from your archives when I get home from work later. I get a hankering for bloggers who think bohemian — which , by the way, was my former blog’s title. 🙂

        I found you through a comment you made in Doobster’s recent post.


      • MrJohnson says:

        Since I started blogging, I’ve heard I have some ability to “articulate.” It’s nice to hear and I’m glad I was able to discover this through comments such as yours.

        I have over 300 posts so knock yourself out..haha. Many are posts are like this one but many are also something else. I hope you’re not put off by my crude humour and language. I don’t like to make apologies for it but at the same time I do feel bad too.


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