A little bit about hemp

This video clip that I cut out is about hemp and the conspiracy behind it being illegal and the amazing uses hemp could be used for.  Trees that get cut down to make the paper we use, take 20 years to grow back but hemp plants that produce a better quality paper take just 4 months.

For a more in depth look behind the story of marijuana and hemp, there’s a good documentary called, “The Union” The Business Behind Getting High.”


Here’s a link to a website with some interesting facts about hemp.


I”m a regular user of hemp protein powder cause it’s the most natural nutritious protein powder out there.  Have a look at the ingredients between hemp protein powder vs whey protein powder and it’s very apparent which one is more natural.  Hemp protein powder can have just one ingredient, hemp protein.  Whey protein powder usually has an ingredient list a mile long.

Have a listen!


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