Quick thought on happiness

Thinking about all the people I have known very well my whole life and not one has ever came across as being happy for very long especially in their adult years.  However, all the people I don’t know so well and hardly ever see almost always give the appearence they are happy as hell.  “How you doing?” They always reply “Good!”or “fantastic!”

Guess it’s either I surrounded myself with sad saps or everyone else is playing pretend.


6 comments on “Quick thought on happiness

  1. I think that’s what we’re conditioned to do. We can hardly divulge our discontent or expound upon our sorrows in a quick ‘how ya doing.’ Well we can, but it’s frowned on by most cultures and people will avoid you. Ha ha don’t ask me how I know! So I just say ‘gettin’ by’…then I don’t either have to fake it, or lie.

    It’s funny but I actually avoid people who are infuriatingly ‘fantastic!!!’ I just figure they’re missing some fundamental part of the brain that gives us perception or insight or awareness, or something.

    Hey do you like Everlast? ‘I Get By’ great song and the lyrics speak for millions.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya we are conditioned to just say something somewhat positive when we are asked, “how’s it going?” I even say “good” sometimes when I am operating unconsciously and then I think to myself “shit, I am such a fake.”  Most of the time I just say “ok” and sometimes they will be like “just ok?” and I will say “yes just ok.”  Can’t people just say “hi” or “good morning”?

      I hate people who say “fantastic.”  I right away label them as a fake.  Even if they say “good” everytime I bump into them I think they are faking it.  No one ever wants anyone to think they are doing shitty or not “good.”

      I guess you can say I like Everlast.  He seems to be a musician like not many others.  His lyrics are always about real life.  He was on the podcast a couple times and performed a handful of songs.  It was good stuff.  Sorry I realize I mention the podcast quite often. Hahaha.  But ya I like the song and at least a few others.  Been wanting to listen to his whole discography.  

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  2. Everyone’s just playing pretend. It’s more fun than real life.


  3. lightpuma says:

    I think it’s just an automatic response to say you’re okay. Like if you say you’re feeling down, people suddenly start prying and the encounter becomes longer than it’s intended to be. And yeah some people are just fake as f by nature. Like I hate people who paste fake smiles on their faces all the time.


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