A day on the road with my manager

I deliver parcels for a job.  Once a year my manager comes out with me on a ride along to sort of score me on how well I’m supposed to do my job.  I knew it was going to happen around this time of year but he surprised me yesterday morning.  I wanted to get it over with but I wish I had some notice the day before or something so I could make sure I wouldn’t be hung over for the ride along.  Lately, I’ve been slightly hung over most mornings cause of the red wine and that day was no exception.

The first thing he pointed out was that my parcels should be on the top shelf of my truck.  My excuse was that I’m not tall so I prefer the lower shelf.  That didn’t fly.  When you work for a big company they have all these rules on how you should do your job to execute as much efficiency as possible.   I was breaking rules all day but I’m not going to get into detail cause it’s probably boring as hell.  Here’s the short version.  Did not turn on blinkers when parked, did not shut window, did not lock door, did not shut cab door, forgot addresses, misplaced package and had to back track.  Those are just the ones he made me aware of.

He was telling me about his tenant who rents his basement and how he feels sorry for him cause he just works, comes home, watches TV and surfs the internet.  He tells me the guy doesn’t seem to have hobbies and is really overweight.  I guess that’s suppose to be the poster boy for loser.  The person we’re all suppose to be scared of becoming or being.  Lonely, unattractive, no wealth.  The automatic thought in your  head is that this guy must be unhappy as hell.  Sure sounded like my manager was thinking this.  I would have thought the samething before but now I think, who knows if that guy is unhappy or not. Maybe he’s in a better place than most of those people out there who painstakingly dedicate their lives trying to fit in with society.  The truth is the majority of the population are not attractive, not rich and somewhat lonely but put every ounce of energy they have to not appear this way.  That must be tiring.

Halfway into the day I guess he felt it was time to ask if I found that “special someone” yet.  People always have to work into that question.  You can’t just fire that question right away but it will always be asked.  I replied with something about sucking at standard relationships and not liking commitment.  He chuckled and told me, “you’ll find her.”

Later he was telling me how he’s going to see a Motley Crue concert and I asked if he was going with his wife.  “Nope. No more wife. Ex-wife now.”  I didn’t know what to say but I was thinking how I wish I didn’t ask.  Then I thought… what the heck?  He just got divorced at 50, after at least a decade of marriage but he’s telling me how I’m going to find that “special someone.”  I don’t know, maybe he just wanted to be polite.  It surprised me his marriage didn’t work out.  I don’t know shit about his wife or him but he’s always been a really nice guy with not much of an ego.  Best manager I’ve ever had in my life.  He seems like a guy who wouldn’t get together with a crazy bitch either and would always be a decent partner.

Two pieces of advice that he sent my way that I’ll never forget cause he said it in such a way that it seemed really genuine.

1)  Enjoy your single years.  There’s no rush to get married.  Once you get married it’s done.  All  you’ll hear is “yap yap, blah blah.

2) Be careful with your back.  It only takes once and it’s wrecked forever.

During the ride I asked him how much I would get paid if I demoted myself to a lower position with less responsibility.  He answered, “Don’t go lower. You’re supposed to go forward, not backwards.”  I suppose that’s the case if you are “normal.”  He probably thinks I’m retardedly abnormal now.

Having a more difficult day than usual at work makes you like your job more when it’s back to normal.  It’s always like that.  You can’t be thankful for what you have until it’s taken away.  Being thankful for the good things or not so bad things in your life for no reason is just fantasy talk.  You might as well tell a human they can fly if they flap their arms fast enough.  We’re always made to believe all things in the mind are possible if we just tell ourselves it’s possible.  Obviously can’t be true but there’s no science to disprove it like there is for chemistry or physics.


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