Diets are like religions

There’s so many diets out there and just like religions most of them are absolutely crazy and cannot be proven true or false.  We believe in diets for the same reason we believe in our religion.  It makes us feel good, promises a reward in the future, prevention of something horrifying happening to us in the future, structure in life, being part of something, having an identity.

If you follow any diet, they have strict rules and almost always have ideas that are similar to other diets but just slightly different.  Vegetarians don’t eat meat like vegans but vegans take it a step further and don’t eat anything with eyes or anything that came from anything that had eyes (eggs, dairy).  Some primitive diets believe in dairy others curse it.  Every diet has to be somewhat unique so they can separate themselves from the others to be able to start their own following.

All diets that believe in low carb are like all religions that believe in Jesus but they always have their differences.  All diets have their own unique name and their own bible.  Paleolithic Diets (caveman diets) and vegans are like religions that hate each other.  One stands firmly for the intake of meat and the other demonizes it.    No matter what though, their diet is the best.

People usually believe in their diet so strongly because it’s usually the diet that saved them from the shittiest diet in the world.  It’s like their rescuer.  The knight in shining armour.  “My hero.”  Of course a vegan diet is going to seem like the god of all diets when all you’ve been eating your whole life is crap.

The shittiest diet in the world is probably a typical Westerner’s diet.  The Don’t Give a Shit Diet.  A diet where the food you eat is made by the most evil people on the planet.  Tortured and drugged animals, pesticide covered fruits, packaged and processed foods.  Add drugs and alcohol and you’ll get The Satanic Diet.  Change your ways to a vegan diet and you’re born again.

Not following any religion is like not following any diet.  You do whatever you want or feel is right.  Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or unhealthy.  You just don’t believe that the integral part of the diet or religion makes any sense.

So what is the best diet?  Just like religion we’ll never really know cause all of this started so long ago that how can anyone really know?  I guess if the diet is working for you then it should be ok.  Just like if your religion is doing great things for you then you’ll probably want to stick with it.  The only issue is though even if your diet and religion is  working for you right now it doesn’t mean it’s going to deliver what it promises to you in the end- good health and heaven.  You may just end up in a hospital and some kind of H E double hockey stick land.





2 comments on “Diets are like religions

  1. Kristin :) says:

    Hahaha I try to eat “healthy” food when I can, but when I crave the bad stuff…I go for it! I try to work out every day…what’s the point if I don’t cheat every once in a while? Haha. When I do eat something bad, I don’t really feel guilty. I feel good! Though…I try not to each too much. Everything in moderation. 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      In this world we live in, you have to cheat and eat bad stuff. It’s everywhere and anytime. I think trying to resist all the time would cause more health issues. Yes, moderation! Absolutely.


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