Evolution of Power and Safety

Everyone’s a tough guy or angry bitch whenever they can seize the opportunity.  Road ragers, internet bullies, position of authority, beneficiary of cultural or legal law.  The evolution of power and safety has changed.

In hunter gatherer and wild animal environments it was the physically strongest that had control.  It could have been the strongest man or tribe with the largest numbers.  Today it’s so messed up.  Some little freaking runt in his car can yell and honk the shit out of his horn to some huge monster of a man and probably get away with it.  There’s so many factors on why this happens.

1) This runt feels safety in being in his car and feels almost untouchable.
2) He doesn’t think the other guy that he’s pissing off will chase him down and get out of his car and beat the crap out of him.
3) The police will come save him.

Managers at work places can be the same way.  They can be small old men who have never been in a fight in their life yet they project a tone and attitude that is inviting violence.  Obviously they don’t think it can ever happen.  They think employees are too scared for their jobs and too law abiding to ever cross that line.  What they don’t realize is that some people don’t give a fuck.  It might be rare but it’s there.  Those guys that get fired and come back with a gun and kill people.. they’re out there.  Maybe they weren’t there yesterday but the next day they could be there like a switch of a neuron.  The brain is a mysterious phenomenon.

I’ve accused society of  being sheltered but in ways I’m sheltered.  I’m sheltered from the common way of thinking sometimes.  My adolescent upbringing was very negative.  If you were going to confront someone about something and get in their face then you’d better be willing to take it all the way.  The mentality was the other person is very possibly willing to fight you or try to make your life hell if you stepped to them.  I think most people in normal society don’t see this.  They think 99% of people will not break the law or question authority.

There’s been managers at work in my life that think they’re untouchable.  They have no idea.  Do you really think your imaginary title that supersedes my title will always protect you from being an asshole?  You’re naive.  It’s modern civilization that inspires this kind of thinking.  We’re so safe these days that we forget danger and violence can be a hair away.

Only in our modern society can the smaller weaker gender boss around the bigger stronger one.  When an obviously bigger stronger man is in my presence and I don’t like something that he’s doing, I’m careful about my reaction.  Why?  Cause he can beat the living crap out of me and it will be painful.   But for some reason there’s women out there who don’t hesitate to be the biggest bitch in the world to a complete stranger who can easily kick their ass.  They believe the cultural law of a man should never hit a woman will always protect them.  It’s usually true but why would you want to take that chance that it won’t apply the one time you get caught being a bitch.

I don’t get confrontational most of the time cause I know what some people are capable of.  I know what I’m capable of.  Most people aren’t aware of this so they speak their mind and don’t mind getting into squabbles.   Don’t honk the fuck out of people cause you think you’re safe in your car cause you’re not.  They can get out of their vehicle and crack your window open and bash in your skull.  What are you getting out of honking your horn anyway?  Making yourself feel a surge of empowerment?  You’re pissing someone off and you know that but you don’t care cause you think you’re so safe.  You may not see it but you’re just trying to compensate for your insecurities.  You’re not quite satisfied with yourself so you have to hate on other people with your horn to make yourself feel better.  You’ve probably never gotten your ass kicked.  People are a lot less likely to act out when they don’t have a mechanical piece of metal on wheels surrounding them or a computer screen to hide behind.   Moral of the story…  people will be dickheads when they think they can get away with it.



2 comments on “Evolution of Power and Safety

  1. David Yerle says:

    I try not to be a dickhead, but I’d like to think it is not the fear of physical pain, but the fact that I dislike making people unhappy that keeps me from doing it. Of course, the threat of physical pain may also help tame my rage.
    I agree that many people are unnecessarily confrontational. I guess that’s the way the have to feel better than everyone else.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yes! I feel the same way. I don’t want to make another person’s day crappier for not much of a reason at all. It’s just not worth it. Many people are always angry and take any moment they can to unleash some of it. Go smoke a joint!


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