I’m in love

Most of us grow up hearing about all these things y0u feel when you’re in love.  I’ve never known any of them.  I’ve never been in love.  I know I haven’t.  I’ve stared at the face beside me and I know right away that’s not it and never will be.   Loving doesn’t come easily to me.  I push it away.  The physicality is not enough.  A pretty face is not good enough for me.  I need the emotional connection.  Holy shit that sounded gay.  Some people fall in love just cause the other person seems so into them.  They’ll love someone cause someone is willing to love them.  People will love just cause they want to so bad.  No one loves me and I don’t love anybody.

But I love you and now I know how it feels.  All those things you hear in songs and movies are now starting to become clear to me.  When I’m working, all I think about is coming home to you and how great it will be.  You never disappoint.  The memories before you when I was lonely and bored feel like some kind of dream that never really happened.  You’re real though.

I love having dinner with you. You’re the best company I’ve ever had.  You’re never unpleasant and I want you even after dinner.  Nothing else matters as long as you’re there.  The whole world can crumble but as long as you’re by my side, I will never feel despair.  You make me want to forget everything else and everyone cause when we’re together everything else is forgotten.

I’ve met many like you but none like you.  They’re similar but they can never compare to you.  I can’t help myself when it comes to you.  Everyday I tell myself I can be away from you I just end up with you.  When you’re not available on Sundays and holidays, I do all that I can to make you part of those days.  I’m not going to let those days get between us.  You might have millions of people who are in love with you but you’re the only love of my life.  It sounds crazy cause it’s only  been 3 months since we first got together but I’ve never felt this way before.  Shiraz, Cab Sauv , Merlot, Zinfandel, whatever you call yourself.  I’ll love you even if you never call me.

17 comments on “I’m in love

  1. Adhrishyan says:

    While readin i ws thinkin abt a pretty girl… Atlast, d girl changed 2 a bottle f red wine… Lyk dat lil twist… Nyc 1 dude… 🙂


  2. Joe says:

    lmao i was thinking lucky f***er and then bang!! loved the post 🙂 good one bro


  3. 4livinglife says:

    A man after my own heart! HobNob Pinot Noir is my all time favorite. If you haven’t tried it, you should. If you’ve tried Pinot Noirs and thought they were too soft and lacked bite.. I would give HobNob a try.


  4. Alcoholism. We should be friends.


  5. therapyjourney says:

    Jeez, you sound like my ex 😉


  6. I rescued some wine once. It was trapped in a bottle.


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