It’s usually more about the idea than anything

What kind of title is that?  A title from a person on Christmas Eve who’s not quite sober and not able to think of anything more clever.

We all have these beliefs of what is good, bad, right, wrong  and I’ve come to believe our beliefs hardly ever stem from much truth or fact but instead the attachment to the idea.

The idea of family, friends, marriage, money, vacations, love, admiration, status, reputation, labels, you name it. It’s almost like a religion where you live by a teaching just because it’s part of the program.  It’s what you’ve built your life upon so you have to defend and support its existence.

We’re more in love with the idea instead of actually believing in these ideas.  Our actions show how much we really believe in the importance of these ideas and the actions hardly ever match the words.  We only believe in these ideas cause it makes us feel better about our lives.  Gives us something to live by and live for.  Any half ass analyzation of these ideas would lead you to the truth which is these ideas are usually BS.  We’re humans though.  We have the ability to lie to ourselves and block out any truth that might make us feel bad about our existence.  We’re too afraid to hurt our own feelings.



14 comments on “It’s usually more about the idea than anything

  1. joesamaras says:

    Ooooh you are in a cynical mood bro!! 🙂 This is journeyman. Old blog got compromised. I’m just a follower now. For the time being. cheer up damn it!! I need you to snap me outta it, not the other way around 🙂


    • mindo240 says:

      Oh shit.. I was pretty sure you were alive but thought you got into some trouble maybe. I was always kind of worried about your blog getting you in shit. Damn good to hear from you.


  2. joesamaras says:

    That said, I agree…it’s all fricking BS


  3. Hey there Wise One. Yeah, humans are obsessed with their ‘brand.’ But you’re a realist, just like me. We calls it the way we sees it. I’ve ranted so much about Christmas all my life that now I don’t even acknowledge it. It causes so much stress, but people are conditioned to carry on with it every year, waste their money, buy stupid sh*t, fight with their families. I honestly never want gifts from anybody, although I don’t mind a monetary holiday tip or two. But people get cheaper every year…not with themselves though, nooooo.

    But, I have to say, since they made “Merry Christmas” politically incorrect, I make sure I say it to everyone!


    • lightpuma says:

      I agree. I’ve discussed the whole Christmas facade so much, I’m exhausted. It’s all about the money and materialism. Zero shit to do with religion, no offence.
      Retailers just use Christmas as a pawn to draw in the masses. Gosh I could really go on forever about this.


    • lightpuma says:

      oh and Merry Christmas 😉


    • mindo240 says:

      Wise one hahaha. Ya right!
      A realist! That’s what I’ve been calling myself for the longest time but people like to see it as negative.

      Christmas is kind of retarded eh? People seem to be generally nicer though for a few days. All the being nice and gift giving is probably from not wanting to look and feel like a shitty person. The rest of the year it’s ok for everyone to be absolutely selfish. I try not to be too nice or giving this time of year. I don’t want people to think I’m doing it just for Christmas.

      I was thinking about how Jehovah Witnesses probably avoid going out this time of a year. They must get all uncomfortable everytime someone says “Merry Christmas” to them. haha


  4. mamaji says:

    U follow Buddhism?


    • mindo240 says:

      Do I follow Buddhism? I can’t say I do but I can’t say I don’t either. I’ve studied it a bit and believe it’s a good way to think and live. It’s just so hard to follow all the time. I realize how far I am from the path of enlightenment when I get shitty thoughts and emotions that I know are wrong. I think it’s difficult to be Buddhist like unless if you’re surrounded by good people all the time and never surrounded by shitty people and shitty problems. So ya I guess like a Buddhist Monastery would be the ideal environment. haha.

      I definitely try to incorporate Buddhist philosophies in my decision making but it takes a lot of practice. How about yourself?

      I have another question for you. Did you really divorce your exwife cause she wouldn’t shave her stache? hahaha


      • mamaji says:

        Well I used to be someone who would sit around worrying about stupid things for six months at a time, but now I’ve thought a lot about life and how our mind projects am image at some point in the future which it believes will bring us happiness, and we strive to get to that point, which doesn’t exist because it is a projection of the mind in the first place…

        I sort of figured that out and then read a bit about Buddhism and realised how deep it is.

        The things you write about are very interesting, particularly because they are largely true, and it is true that the large majority of people: “the apple eaters” as my friend and I call them, never even contemplate or consider any of this, and are happy with the make believe bullshit that makes them comfortable as they get on with their man made career or whatever.

        And ye about my wife…lol basically it was more of a “if I asked you to shave your face would you”. She said no and it was probably the thousandth example of how she was unable to compromise about anything.

        Btw I still eat meat.


  5. lightpuma says:

    HEY mamaji,

    i like eating apples, for ur kind info ;), and i like to believe i am also a contemplator/ter/tar/too lazy to check the correct spelling on google,

    Buddhism is full of wisdom and true advice, though I feel it’s become too much about metaphors and a deep psychological understanding that the average person can’t achieve.


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