The Purpose of Life

I wonder how many times this phrase has been Googled.  Anyone who has searched this out is probably 1 of many lost souls in this world.  I’m going to tell you what the purpose of life is and it’s not that complicated.

You ready?  The purpose is to perpetuate the species.  The purpose of life for a man is to survive as long as he can to successfully shoot sperm into as many women as he possibly can before he dies.  A woman’s purpose is to shoot out as many offspring as she can.  That’s it.

You really thought it was going to be something like travel the world and experience as many sights as possible or do something you enjoy.  Live, laugh and love!

We want to think that cause surviving is so easy these days that we now sit around scratching ourselves, watching TV that gives us confusing ideas and constantly wondering what we should do with our time here. There’s just so many options.

We all want to find something we love to do so there’s no misery in our daily lives but that’s so freaking hard for most of us.  In the hunter gatherer days the only thing a guy would love doing is staying alive and shooting sperm.  Living would be like a 24 hour job finding food, finding shelter, watching out for tigers and on your coffee breaks figuring out ways on how to trick a woman to be your sperm catcher.


The human desire to find something in life we love to do and stick with it will never be as strong as the human will to continue living.  For whatever reason every species including humans want to live as long as they possibly can.  No matter how much your life sucks you’ll probably want to continue living.  For some reason we have this thing that convinces us that we can still be happy when we’re old, wrinkly, disabled, no teeth and shitting ourselves.

So what happens when it’s easy to find food but not easy to find the desire to live life?  You just live and find instant gratification that distracts you from ever finding that desire if it even exists.  Although your desire in life could just be the act of reproducing.  I think that might just be it still.  Maybe unconsciously we all want to find something we love doing cause it makes us more attractive to the opposite sex somehow.  I don’t know, I just pulled that one out of my ass.

My theory on guys getting sick of screwing the same woman all the time is that it’s instinct.  We’ve been designed to behave that if we’ve shot enough sperm into one woman she should have been pregnant by now and if she isn’t it’s not going to happen so we should move on and find someone else to impregnate.



3 comments on “The Purpose of Life

  1. journeyman1977 says:

    You got me laughing hard at paragraph 1……what’s up bro? 🙂


    • mindo240 says:

      Thanks for the gift and the kind words. You’re bringing the positivity to this blogging world and the people. Canucks..hahahha.. I love watching them lose and see all their fans cry about nothing as if their eyeballs were falling out or something.


      • journeyman1977 says:

        lol me too bro…them losing makes me smile 🙂 hope your day’s treating you well…watching the shit unfold in connecticut…school shooting


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