Being Happy

That is suppose to be the ultimate goal in life.  Without it nothing that you do or have done will matter.  It doesn’t matter if your life is the envy of everyone cause if you’re not happy then you failed.

It seems though the majority of people in society are not really aiming to live happily but instead do things that will make them feel good about themselves.

It’s like the grand idea is to be able to look back at your life and be able to give yourself the nod of approval rather than live a life where happiness was the majority of your mental state.  To successfully find a way to convince yourself that your accomplishments were great and your shortcomings were justified.

It seems like the idea is to get to the top of some mountain no matter how long and agonizing the climb is cause everyone is so impressed about where you went, what you did, numbers and titles.  It doesn’t matter that you spent a painful 8 years in university, another handful establishing your career, another 5 being depressed, a few more battling a disease.  All that matters is that you accomplished certain things that people tend to respect.

If you have nothing to brag about to people then you failed in life even if you spent it being mostly merry with hardly any misery.  Life is like a video game where the higher the level you reach the better your life.  You can’t just be happy playing level 1 all your life and be able to consider it a good life.  Why not?  Cause no one is impressed by that.  Some kind of human instinct tells us that we’ve failed when we didn’t strive to win the rat race.

I guess a happy life can be all relative.  If a starving African family found a secret underground Burger King somewhere in their village they’d feel pretty good about their lives and could tell themselves they lived a happy life.

In the Western world you need to be all you can be or be lucky like a spoiled rich kid.  It’s like happiness is dependent on the views of the people around you or like you.

I can see why some people just pick up and leave to another city or into the woods.  It’s like a weight off your shoulders.  Leave all the judgement behind and the people who are always sizing you up.  No matter where you go though your mind goes with you.  I guess the secret is to not give a shit.

Don’t worry be happy?


3 comments on “Being Happy

  1. journeyman1977 says:

    Bro, you just gave away the secret in your second to last paragraph…..don’t give a shit….my opinion? you don’t have to be all you can be or be lucky s in a spoiled rich kid in order to be happy. Happiness is what you make it. Even in my crummy situation I find reasons to be happy. yeah I do 😉


    • mindo240 says:

      Not giving a shit about what people think is definitely a huge part.. I think I have a bigger battle with what I think.. I’m afraid to think that I could have done more and should have done more to make a happier existence for myself. I think maybe my life would be better if I wasn’t such a negative unambitious wuss. On the other hand I think maybe it’s just my primitive monkey mind fucking with me. There’s just so much negativity and negative people in the world and it confuses me as to what’s normal and what’s negative. Hearing that you’re feeling good even in your current situation makes me feel good though.


      • journeyman1977 says:

        hey, bro…glad I could help even in that way. And i do feel good. All you guys help me be in this great space…a little island of positivity in an ocean of raging negativity….and I’m a thick skinned SOB…that helps too…ambition? It’s good. But don’t let it rule you. If your content being where you’re at I say that’s best. So dont sweat it, bro.


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