Being like everyone else

If anyone ever accused you of doing something cause everyone else is doing it, you’ll usually take some offense but I’m starting to see the naturalness of the whole thing.

Ya we’ve all done things to fit in so we don’t get mocked and we’re probably still doing them everyday but there has to be a greater reason.  I think it’s like a survival instinct of some sort.  In the natural primitive world (I know I compare everything to the primitive world but I can’t help it),  human beings were meant to live in a community that banded together for survival.  You couldn’t make it alone or with a couple other people out there.  If you think so then picture yourself being surrounded by hyenas.  We’re slow and weak therefore we find strength in numbers.  You could not go that long being alone.

Since survival is the most important thing to any specie one of your priorities would probably be to stay in this community and be accepted.  To do this you would probably have to act, think and look just like them.  Daring to be different would be looked upon as a sign of disrespect and betrayal.  You would have to be like everyone cause for anything to work at its maximum potential, everyone has to be on the same page.

Companies and sports teams always wear the same uniform.  Gangs have their colours and codes.  Not embracing and conforming would be looked upon as being not loyal.  They’d be like, “whose side you on”? You can’t have a member who’s not 100% part of your tribe.  They’ll be around your offspring, beside you in battles and only a few feet away from you when you’re sleeping and vulnerable.

We want to be like everyone else cause we’re worried of what people will think of us and you would be worried if you were out there in the wild.  You wouldn’t be able to just go find another community of people and have them accept you as their family.  You wouldn’t be able to just go to the grocery store to get a steak and find new friends on the internet to hang out with.

These days we don’t have to worry so much about what people think of us cause survival can be done alone.  If survival all of a sudden became really difficult because of some zombie apocalypse or whatever, the guy dressed up in goth makeup with piercings through his nose that connected to his nipple would probably have a more difficult time being embraced by any outside group.  It be like the fat kid getting picked last for sports.  But it’s ok today cause you can go to the supermarket with your piercings and then home where it’s safe.

Now that we don’t need to be accepted by anyone to survive on this earth, we act and do whatever we want.  Sort of.  It’s still freaking hard.  We’re always doing things against our heart’s content.  We still feel the need to fit in.  It just seems to make life easier.  Not having anyone bug you for your choices seems like the way to go.  This in turn makes you feel good about yourself which is the grand scheme of all things.  The thing is though, what makes you feel good will change depending on who and where your environment is.


7 comments on “Being like everyone else

  1. lightpuma says:

    Interesing read :).

    I agree that wanting to fit in and be like everyone else is kind of something instinctive. But at the same time, individuality is also instinctive. Like you said, we do things against our hearts wishes. But we do recognise that we in fact want something else. I think nowadays, it’s just a matter of which instinct you feed more, and like you said, what kind of life you’re living, or more importantly, want to live.


    • mindo240 says:

      Ya I think you’re right that individuality is instinctive. Maybe it’s something to do with wanting to get attention to attract the oppostive sex. I don’t know, I’m just talking out of my ass. hahaha.

      Sometimes I’m not so sure when I want something else if it’s actually what I want. I’m not sure if I’m just taking things for granted and trying to get out of a mundane existence.


  2. kalyrical says:

    I sometimes really wonder about what I would do if I didn’t feel like the rest of society/people around me would judge me for it. I know that deep down, I’m probably suppressing the more gutsy and adventurous side of me, but it’s been buried so deep and for so long I don’t even know if it’s actually there.

    Thoughtful post– and stimulating too 🙂


    • mindo240 says:

      Ya it’s a tough one. I think for some people being like everyone else might actually be the right path for them but for the others not so much. I’m part of the latter. Sometimes school, working and relationships are not that difficult for some people so it’s a lot easier to just cruise along with most of society and be content.

      Buried deep inside of you eh? It will dig itself out if it needs to.

      If there’s something you really want to do though, it definitely deserves some thought unless if you’re thinking of sailing around the world by yourself on a row boat or something crazy like that. But then again who am I to say.


  3. journeyman1977 says:

    Good read, interesting topic. Me, I’m alone by choice and surrounded by hyenas by choice again. That I’m trying to change.


    • mindo240 says:

      Hyenas are deadly and you can’t trust them. I was listening to this thing and they were talking about this guy who raised a hyena from when it was young and one day the guy hurt his leg and had to limp when he walked. I guess the hyena couldn’t help itself when it saw a potential cripple and bit his leg. Wanting to change is a huge step towards something good and positive. The destination might be far but as long as you’ve started moving in the right direction that’s huge. I apologize for sounding like a buddhist monk. hahahaha


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