Why even stop and talk?

So I’m at the supermarket the other day and I bump into someone I haven’t seen in a while.  After talking to him I realized it’s the same conversation I always have with people I hardly see.  It’s probably the same conversation everyone has too.  It’s always the same series of questions.

Where do you work?

Do you still see this person or these people?

Married or girlfriend?

Where do you live?

Then it’s, “ok see you around.”


Always these same questions.  I understand why it’s always the same questions but after walking away I wondered to myself what was the point.  I told you all that stuff for what?  So you can compare yourself to me and decide if your life is better or worse than mine in some aspect?  I’d might as well have the same conversation with a  stranger.  That’s the negative view I guess.

I don’t know, I never ask people where they work or if they’re married or have kids if I haven’t seen them in a long time.  It’s kind of personal isn’t it?  Maybe they’re ashamed of their job or divorced or had their testicles crushed in a snowboarding accident.

Then again, what the hell else is there to talk about with most people?  It seems like either ask the same old questions or don’t talk at all.

I suppose the positive view is that something might spawn from the superficial conversation.  “Oh you work there?  Can you get me a job there?”  “Oh you renovate houses?  I’m looking to get work done on my house.”  “Oh you sell dope now.  Hook me up.”







Bruce Lee – The Coolest Asian Ever


As far as I’m concerned, Bruce Lee is still #1 when it comes to the most coolest famous Asian.  I don’t even know who the distant second place would be.  Jet Li? Jackie Chan? Chow Yun Fat? Not even close.  It’s been 40 years and no one has even come close.

I wasn’t alive during his time but from what I hear there were tons of people from all cultures that were crazy about him.  He came to popularity at a time when being Asian was not cool or even that normal in a western country.  I could be wrong about that but when I was a kid in the late 1980’s it still kind of sucked and I live in a  city where there’s a crapload of Asians so it must have really sucked back then.

It was so ridiculous before.  David Carradine got picked to play an Asian martial artist over Bruce Lee for that show “Kung Fu.”  They almost picked Bruce Lee but he was too Asian or not white enough or something.  I guess it somehow made sense back then.

How did so many around the globe come to love him?  I think it was cause his skills were so impressive but also something else.  He was cocky and had this fearless look about him.   The way he moved was so fast and athletic.  His physique was insane.  It’s still used as a comparison today.  “He’s ripped like Bruce Lee.”

To add to his impressive resume he did something that was probably unheard of back then and is still difficult to accomplish today.  He got a white woman!  She wasn’t fat or anything either.  That’s how freaking cool he was!  I guess it didn’t hurt that he didn’t look like a dork with glasses.

He was way ahead of his time too.  He saw that using only one type of martial arts for every situation was not the way to go so he developed his own kind of mixed martial arts.  30 years later mix martial arts fighting is one of the most popular sports everywhere.

I don’t know, I don’t think there will ever be another Asian who will even come close to Bruce Lee’s coolness.  The guy is a legend.




Being like everyone else

If anyone ever accused you of doing something cause everyone else is doing it, you’ll usually take some offense but I’m starting to see the naturalness of the whole thing.

Ya we’ve all done things to fit in so we don’t get mocked and we’re probably still doing them everyday but there has to be a greater reason.  I think it’s like a survival instinct of some sort.  In the natural primitive world (I know I compare everything to the primitive world but I can’t help it),  human beings were meant to live in a community that banded together for survival.  You couldn’t make it alone or with a couple other people out there.  If you think so then picture yourself being surrounded by hyenas.  We’re slow and weak therefore we find strength in numbers.  You could not go that long being alone.

Since survival is the most important thing to any specie one of your priorities would probably be to stay in this community and be accepted.  To do this you would probably have to act, think and look just like them.  Daring to be different would be looked upon as a sign of disrespect and betrayal.  You would have to be like everyone cause for anything to work at its maximum potential, everyone has to be on the same page.

Companies and sports teams always wear the same uniform.  Gangs have their colours and codes.  Not embracing and conforming would be looked upon as being not loyal.  They’d be like, “whose side you on”? You can’t have a member who’s not 100% part of your tribe.  They’ll be around your offspring, beside you in battles and only a few feet away from you when you’re sleeping and vulnerable.

We want to be like everyone else cause we’re worried of what people will think of us and you would be worried if you were out there in the wild.  You wouldn’t be able to just go find another community of people and have them accept you as their family.  You wouldn’t be able to just go to the grocery store to get a steak and find new friends on the internet to hang out with.

These days we don’t have to worry so much about what people think of us cause survival can be done alone.  If survival all of a sudden became really difficult because of some zombie apocalypse or whatever, the guy dressed up in goth makeup with piercings through his nose that connected to his nipple would probably have a more difficult time being embraced by any outside group.  It be like the fat kid getting picked last for sports.  But it’s ok today cause you can go to the supermarket with your piercings and then home where it’s safe.

Now that we don’t need to be accepted by anyone to survive on this earth, we act and do whatever we want.  Sort of.  It’s still freaking hard.  We’re always doing things against our heart’s content.  We still feel the need to fit in.  It just seems to make life easier.  Not having anyone bug you for your choices seems like the way to go.  This in turn makes you feel good about yourself which is the grand scheme of all things.  The thing is though, what makes you feel good will change depending on who and where your environment is.