Patrick Latter: Fake Liker and Follower (I’m still sorry though)

After “liking” my post for the 10th consecutive time and seeing his gravatar on everyone else’s posts, it became pretty obvious that Patrick Latter who has a photography blog was liking without reading for the purpose of exposure for his blog.

My assumption is that he “follows” a crapload of people and “likes” every new post they have.  I guess it’s working for him cause he seems to be getting the exposure he’s looking for.  Every comment on his “about” page is someone thanking him for “liking” their post or “following” them.

The odd thing is that you are not able to delete or block people from following you.  I don’t know why.  Probably some stupid online community honour code.  However, I was able to get him to stop following me.  This is what I want to apologize for.  I achieved this in an impolite, negative and vulgar manner.  Last night I saw that he “liked” my most recent post and since I was semi drunk I decided to write a comment on his page.

It went something like this, “You asshole, stop following me or I will create havoc on your page, you whore.”  I probably could have asked him nicely and he probably would have cooperated but when I get the chance to amuse myself, I sometimes cannot help myself.  Also, at the time I didn’t feel much compassion cause he’s a big spammer.  Too much spam in one’s diet is detrimental to their health.

Spam likers aren’t really that big of a deal.  It’s not like it causes me any inconvenience or anything.  I guess I don’t like the idea that people are being fraudsters and playing with other peoples blog feelings.  Crap, I should have wrote this post before I got him to unfollow me cause it would have been funny if he “liked” it.  Oh well, just like Mike Tyson said, “old too soon, smart too late.”

Day in a life, life in a day

Last night I slid into bed and was a little buzzed from red wine and came to the idea that my day was similar to life.

I wake up fully recharged.  Life seems bright and spirits are high with hopes.  It’s like in your youth when the world feels like your oyster and the future will have great things to offer even if it’s only wishful thinking.

The day goes on.  Still lots of daylight left.  Not as bright and blissful as earlier but positivity is still vibrant throughout.  I have all the willingness to seize the day but I am lost on how to accomplish this.  Reminds me of my 20’s when I was still young but moving towards full adulthood not having any clue what I should be doing.

Day is barely day anymore and almost night.  Most of the positivity I had in the morning is slowly becoming acceptance that my day is probably not going to be anything special but just another day.  There’s still some fight left in me to make something of this otherwise my ego will not forgive me.  The emotions and restlessness will wrestle with my lack of inspiration until the sun goes down.  How did this happen?  Where did I go wrong?  Oh well, that’s life?

That’s the part of day my life is in right now.  Sun is still shining but it feels it’s on its way down sometimes.  I’m not going to be semi young for that much longer.  I don’t have that bliss cause I’m no longer ignorant.  Battling my emotions, ego and the ideas that have been instilled in my brain feels like a life’s work already.  Just like any day though, we don’t know what life will bring along the way.  The sun feels like it’s going to set soon but just as often I feel it will shine even brighter or if not at least at a different angle.  Perhaps that’s me just dreaming.  F, that sounded so gay.

I picture my friends reading this and laughing at me but whatever cause they’re a bunch of homos anyway.  This day is not over yet though.  We’ll have to see what happens when the sun buries itself past the horizon.  Is life just another day?  Nothing special?  Only special in our heads?  Probably.  Whatever it may be, I just hope it doesn’t rain so much.  So far it’s been mostly cloudy with sunny breaks and passing showers.


Not sure what I’m living for

Not too many years ago I would look at someone strangely if they questioned their existence.  These days I would probably say something like, “I know how you feel.”  My life isn’t really all that different from back then except the fact that I’m older and wiser.  I’d like to think I’m wiser anyway but I might just be crazier.

I think my lack of life loving stems from my unwillingness to evolve in the same way most guys my age do.  I have no desire to start a family and commit to all the things that come along with that.  There really aren’t any goals that I have that I feel will bring me immense joy once I accomplish them.

Do I believe these aspects of life are the keys to happiness?  Not really.  But if you believe they are then it will keep you going.  I don’t have nothing really keeping me going except a possible more exciting future that is starving for hope as each day passes.  What I have sort of figured out is that your life will seem to have more meaning if you have regular excitement or misery in your life.

Excitement, yes but misery?  See, if you have misery in your life, you will live your life trying to climb your way out of that shithole.  You’ll just keep thinking to yourself about how happy you will be once you’re free of whatever crap you’re in.  It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel.  For many people life is built on a continuation of falling into shit or voluntarily jumping into shit and then digging yourself out.  Once we get to the light we look for more shit.  Of course if your misery is inescapable then you’ll probably want to die or just get fat or something.

Another thing to having a desire to live is feeling important.  You have to feel that your existence is important somewhere, somehow or to someone.  I feel if I died it wouldn’t matter much to anyone.  I’m not sure if my mother would even cry at my funeral.  Everyone who knew me would go on living life exactly the same the next day and even mentally it wouldn’t affect them too much.  I guess this was the case all along but before I must have thought my existence had a spit of importance.  It was probably an ego thing.  Everyone is too caught up with chasing the carrot to really sit down and analyze your life and death.

Life is too easy.    Food, shelter and safety are pretty well taken care of so for the not very ambitious you might have nothing to do but go a little crazy.  Imagine if your day consisted of hunting for food and being on the look out for some apex predator wanting to rape your whole body with its teeth.  There would be no time for thinking and wondering what the meaning of life is.  The meaning of life would be to not die.  Staying alive would be that shithole you had to dig yourself out of and if you got to the light there would be a new hole the next day.  Not to mention your life expectancy was a lot shorter so you probably wouldn’t have lived long enough to ponder about your existence in such detail.

So what or why am I living for?  I’m not sure and I no longer can fool myself as easily as when I was younger.  I’m just living cause it’s easy right now.  I work, come home, eat, sleep.   You’ll always hear me curse about how everyone in society are a bunch of brainless, closed minded followers but I pretty much believe it’s easier that way.  If life were to ever become more difficult without a reward that I deemed fulfilling, I think I would just beg for permission to move into a buddhist monastery.

I’d like to end off by saying that I’m not anywhere near suicidal.  I know this cause I have no intention yet of spending  my life savings and have not rung up any credit card debt at all.  Also, I’m still eating vegetables and not very much junk food.  Be worried when you see me driving a brand new sports car with a trunk load of potato chips.