Does marriage make any sense?

Marriage is like education, bread and vacations.  It’s always looked upon as normal and part of a balanced life.  If you really think about it though, marriage is a pretty ridiculous idea.

Imagine you’ve been working at a place for a while and your employer calls you into their office.  They offer you a position at the company forever and even if you start sucking at your job they won’t fire you (proposal).  All you have to do is sign a contract agreeing to this (engagement and marriage).

It sounds all good but the contract doesn’t really mean anything cause they can still fire you for whatever reason they feel like (divorce).  If they do fire you they have legal right to take half of everything you have (settlement).  After they take half of everything you own you have to continue making payments to them for the rest of your life (alimony).

Would you take this job offer?

I guess marriage does work out  sometimes and it has its advantages in this present society.  But the fact that marriage can easily end up sucking really bad gives good reason to not agonize over being single.

Till death do us part or till I don’t feel like it anymore.


9 comments on “Does marriage make any sense?

  1. chris9911 says:

    Marry if you REALLY REALLY want to raise a family


    • mindo240 says:

      Ya I guess that makes sense.. not just want or really want though it’s got to be really really.. hahahaha


      • chris9911 says:

        Yep, no sense in potentially making 3 lives miserable(you, wife, kid) if it turns out to be something you don’t want. But having a family has its rewards, too 🙂 Good luck to you; sounds like you have good headstart on most potential parents because, at least, you are thinking about the issue 🙂


  2. I agree, I don’t see any reason to get married unless you want kids, but most marriages fail anyway. There’s no way a person in their twenties or even thirties can promise they’re going to love that person for the rest of their lives. People grow (or not) and change every year. I was married twice and will never do it again. I think very few people get alimony anymore, I got jack shit. Just walked away. And think hard about kids…child support will haunt you forever when you and your wife break up.


    • Pecora Nera says:

      To marry or not is really difficult even if you want children. I was married for 13 years we had 3 children I remember it was like living in the middle of a war zone. When we finally managed to divorce we were still effectively at war.and continued covert and overt operations on each other, and I am sad to say there was a lot of collateral damage, (The Children.)

      I swore I would never find myself in that situation again. Marriage was a total no no and then I met Mrs Sensible and my heart melted. We were married 7 years ago and I consider myself to be very lucky. We married even though we can’t have children.

      And the first wife!!! We have a truce, but the finger is always close to the nuke them button.

      Interesting post.


      • mindo240 says:

        It’s great to hear your current relationship is serving you well and you are very lucky. I think people should take some spiritual enlightenment courses before thinking about marriage and kids. I don’t know, just a thought. Finger on the nuke button? hahahaha. Your situation with the exwife sounds similar to the Cold War.


        • Pecora Nera says:

          It is.. It is like being near a cat that many years ago gave you a bad mauling, but at the moment it is smiling at you and switching it’s tail from side to side. You are never to sure whether to stroke it or kick it.


  3. lightpuma says:

    “Till death do us part or till I don’t feel like it anymore.”

    That’s the problem.

    People don’t stick through tough times. They sometimes have unrealistic expectations, expect the other to make all the sacrifices, and expect to be treated perfectly 100% of the time. And then BAM, one small mistake by the other person, and it’s all over. Zero tolerance, or shitty tolerance.

    In real life, shit’s gonna happen. You’re gonna have arguments. Neither of you are perfect. To be forgiven you must forgive. To be worthy of loyalty you must be loyal yourself. To be loved unconditionally you must do the same. It’s a two way street. You have to be there for them at their worst if you want them at their best. Until people accept these things, they can’t have lasting marriages.


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