School = Slave Training

Most of us think of school like eating and breathing.  You don’t really think about it, you just do it cause you have to.  I’m sure most of us have come across the thought of how 95% of material taught in school is hardly applicable in the outside world.

All you really need is basic math, english and enough science so you don’t drink bleach for kicks.  Everything else are just fillers to keep everyone occupied for over a decade.

If all the crap we were taught was not useful then why were we there?  Mostly for slave training and babysitting.  It didn’t matter if we retained any of the crap we were taught.  The only thing that mattered was that we arrived to class on time, submitted our assignments on time, obeyed the rules, respected and feared the authoritative figures and never questioned the norm.

They didn’t teach us any of the shit that we for sure needed to know like avoiding debt and changing a tire.  We were being trained to get used to being miserable.  For most of us school sucked.  Nothing was interesting.  Everything about school sucked almost.  Waking up, homework, tests, people, shitty lunches and the fear of getting in trouble.

Can you imagine if school was fun and after you graduated they sent you out to the workforce where it sucked?  You probably wouldn’t be able to handle it.  But since you were trained for like 13 years you were already  a seasoned pro at misery.  By this point you couldn’t even imagine a life without misery.  You felt bad if you didn’t have any negative thoughts about life and that there must have been something wrong with you if you only felt joy.

It’s too bad we were too young and undeveloped to realize this when it was happening.  If I could go back I would have spoke my mind and then dropped out.  I would have had a blog like this and sent it to all my classmates who would have probably thought I was retarded and disregarded all the things I thought anyway but I would have still tried.

I would have probably dropped out, got a fulltime job and saved my money so I could put a down payment on some property.  I could have done my GED at night school anyway and be finished in 6 months.  Although I do realize hindsight is 20/20 and not even sometimes.  This is just what I might have done and of course it for sure would have gone that smoothly.  I also realize there’s actually people out there with ambition and academic dreams who had desire for higher education and a prosperous career.

Having thought all this I don’t know how I feel about school teachers.  Can they possibly feel good that they’re part of a system that cultivates misery and slavery?  I suppose they might not see it that way but they’d have to be retarded not to.  I guess the other way of looking at it is that this system is going to be in place no matter what so maybe they feel they can ease the transition.  But for the majority I think they’re just there for the paycheque.






Clean your place, clean your mind

It’s one of those things in life that have been swept away from our consciousness and buried under decades of life evolving rubble.  For most of my life I never saw the real benefit of keeping a place clean and tidy other than the fact that it was more pleasing to the eye and pleasing to my mother.
As we go through life we usually never have a difficult time collecting more stuff but have issues with letting them go no matter how useless they are to us now.  We don’t see it affecting us cause it happens so gradually similar to the aging process.  You see yourself in the mirror and you’re like whatever but when you see a picture of yourself from just a few years ago you’re like, “*%$#@(*.”

Just like all the crap and messiness in your home it happened slowly and your mind slowly adjusted to its new surroundings but was never pleased.  Imagine you left a clean and tidy home and the same day you came home to a tornado of a mess.  It would be unacceptable and you would probably do something about it right away.  It happened too fast for your mind to accept such a drastic change.  It’s like waking up one day with a wrinkly face.  You’d freak out and do something about it even if that something was jumping off a building.


Not too long ago I decided to just throw out anything I probably would never need and declutter my place.  I wanted my place to be as space efficient as possible.  I didn’t care that most homes had a coffee table, if it was taking up too much space and I could do without it then it had to go.

When mission was accomplished and the dust settled I realized something.  This became more than just a cleaning project.  It became a realization that it was something spiritual.

Once there was less of everything in my environment there was less my mind had to deal with.  Having my belongings in an organized manner sent visually less confusing projections to my mind.  The inside of my home was much more simpler which brought a kind of peace to me internally.

The coffee table was a representation of conforming without being conscious and the realization of its unimportance was sort of an awakening.

A home is a lot like life.  It starts out empty and along the way you add things.  Some things stay with you for long term and others not so much but there’s probably a bunch of things you don’t need and should get rid of.  It’s hard to let go but if you don’t it’s just another obstruction.  You think by adding more to your home or life will make it more positively evolved but often the less you  have the more simple and peaceful your life will be.


Life is like stamp collecting…

…it stopped being fun a long time ago.  I cracked up laughing when I saw this spray painted on a wall recently.  I went back to take a picture but they painted over it already.  Ya, guess this post won’t be as good without that picture.

Whoever this contributing artist was, they must have really believed what they sprayed on that wall cause they were pretty big letters and it’s a semi busy street.

I don’t think life naturally evolves into no fun.  My belief is majority of people choose the path out of Funtown and take a sharp right into Seriousville.  Everyone could have stayed in Funtown but the brochures for Seriousville were too appealing and everyone else seems to end up there anyway. “Come on, you don’t want to be left in Funtown.”

About a month ago I went to go see the annual fireworks with a friend and his family.  On the way home he says, “remember when we were younger and all of us used to do this every year together.  It was so much fun.”  He made it sound like it wasn’t possible anymore.  I answered, “we still could and it would be just as fun.  It’s just that everyone has it in their minds that they’re too evolved to be doing things that seem juvenile.”  I think he quietly agreed.

Seriousville is so structured and expensive, it’s also very serious.  Once you get there it’s very hard to leave.  Seriousville becomes a mindset more than anything.  Perhaps some people have no choice but to go to Seriousville but I just don’t have it in me to voluntarily sign up.  It’s like a war, I’d have to be summoned or drafted by people who have power over me.

I find it difficult to take life that seriously when I know I’m going to die one day and once I do, no one will really give a crap about me for very long after.  Nothing that I achieved in life will matter at all once I’m dead.  It probably wouldn’t have mattered when I was alive.  Our primitive brains and egos make us believe we’re important and special but that’s just a survival mechanism.

We’re all 1 out of 7,000,000,000 so how special do you really think each of us are?   With the population increasing we’re getting less special everyday.  Our worth to the world is like $1 to Bill Gates.  Man, that sounds so wrong.  I don’t know, it’s kind of a cool comparison, isn’t it?   Well, you might be special if you’re a really good person but you’re probably not.

I don’t know.  I’d rather live in Funtown and go to Seriousville for a short trip than live in Seriousville and visit Funtown for vacation. Unfortunately, Funtown isn’t very fun when everyone leaves.




So I have this blog

I actually have over 100 posts on this blog now.  I don’t know, I find that pretty amazing for myself.  The whole idea of blogging seems kind of odd.

It’s like you’re writing a letter but not to anyone.  Almost like writing on a bathroom stall but chances are there will be way more people reading your nonsense while they’re taking a dump.

Believe it or not no one I know has any idea of this blog.  When I’m writing my garbage I don’t want to have to think about being considerate towards the feelings of people I know.  If they read my blog I think they would hate me or think negatively towards me.

This blog is pretty much inspired by the lack of people in my life that share anything in common with me, externally and internally.  I feel alone in my “real world” so I blog.

I never really had any “likes” or comments until after 60 posts cause I never did any “tags” but it still felt kind of good to be letting my thoughts and feelings out to the world.  Just the thought that there was a chance someone would read it, felt like I was connecting.  Holy crap, I just realized blogging is just like having a diary.  I mean a journal.  Ya, a journal.

Actually, I do have one friend who knows about this blog.  I guess he Googled my nicknames and this blog came up.  My own fault for not being very clever.  You know who you are you fucker.  It’s all good.  Who ever trespasses can’t complain if they step in some shoit.

Maybe one day if I’m ever jolly about life like the people on TV shows, I’ll stop blogging about thoughts, feelings and only blog about my daily adventures like walking in a park, camping, bbq’s, going to the petting zoo, baking pies, costco shopping.  You know, normal people stuff.