“Do you watch?”


So I was doing a delivery to a small business the other day and moments after I walked in some female sexual sounds were coming from the computer.  This was our conversation. Sort of.

Me: Hahahahaha

Middle Eastern dude (with accent): Oh shit sorry (frantically trying to close the screen but not successful).

Me:  It’s ok.

Him: I just get so bored sitting here alone.

Me: It’s ok, a lot of guys watch that stuff.

Him: Do you watch?  I like oriental girls.

Me: Oh.  Ya I watch sometimes.

Him: Sorry about that.  It’s just so boring by myself you know.  Sitting here alone.

Me: It’s all good. Don’t worry about it.

This is what happens when guys are bored and all alone.  Their mind starts wandering and sooner or later they will think of sex and once that train starts rolling it becomes a slippery slope.  I think if he had another few minutes he’d be in the back masturbating and then going back to the computer to look at other non porn sites and then eventually going back to porn sites.




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