Being excited is way more difficult these days

Remember when you were a kid when you could get excited over pizza or a good cartoon being on TV?  It was just so easy to be pleased back then.  I used to jump up and down and around like an idiot when the theme song came on.  I guess when things are farther from your reach you get all giddy when it’s in your grasp.  Now people can’t get excited without spending thousands of dollars or having some other once in a lifetime experience.

It wasn’t even that long ago when I felt some excitement when I knew my favourite tv  show would be on later in the night.  But now it’s like whatever cause I can just download it or if you have a PVR you can recorded it while you’re out.  Before you would make sure you were home and ready before the show even started.

You can almost buy or find anything at your convenience these days.  There’s no waiting or anticipation anymore.  You can find out what songs your favourite band will play and in what order before they even come to town.  The only thing you can’t for sure buy or download these days is a woman you have a thing for who isn’t a hooker.  I guess there will always be some wonder and excitement when it comes to courting a woman.  I suppose there’s some guys out there who don’t wonder too often.  They’re probably like, “ya, I know that bitch wants me.  They usually do.”

Crap man, no wonder people always want to get high.



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