Getting high isn’t true happiness?

If you were to ask someone why they get high they’d probably say something like, “cause it makes me happy.”  Detractors to this kind of talk would probably say something like, “but that’s not true happiness.”  Then what is true happiness?

In our society most would say having a wife, kids, friends and doing something in life you enjoy.  Well, I say whatever to that.  If you look at it from another angle all these things can be pretty similar to finding happiness by snorting a a big line of cocaine.  But that happiness doesn’t last, right?  No it doesn’t that’s why you have to do another one.

Are you telling me though, all these people you have in your life you associate with true happiness last forever?  Not always and not really.  Lets say though all these people stick around for the rest of your life.  Are those relationships just as great and genuine as they always were?  Did you have to go through some kind of misery just to keep them around?  Or is it all just like the highs and lows of a drug habit? I bet in order to maintain all those relationships it costs more than a drug habit.  You think your wife and kids are cheaper than a drug habit? They’re probably harder to get rid of too if you wanted to get rid of them.

So instead of trying to find happiness the old fashioned way you may want to look into just getting high instead cause they’re both just as real.  I don’t really believe this. hahahaha..  or do I?





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