What I Have Learned About Smoking Marijuana

Over the last couple decades I’ve come across many myths and truths about marijuana.  I live in one of the most liberal places on this planet when it comes to marijuana and I’ve regularly been surrounded by potheads.

Smoking weed is definitely not for me at least not in this stage of my life.  I’ve never really liked it.  I don’t know, I just don’t.  My mind and body just don’t react well to it.  It’s similar to some people who just don’t drink alcohol or can’t eat peanuts.

All I want to do is lie down, close my eyes and pass out.  I get kind of dizzy and I pretty much regret it every time I smoke it.  I cannot drive when I’m high to save my life.  I get super paranoid.  There was this one time I had to drive 5 minutes back home and it was hell.  That’s just me though.  Everybody reacts differently to it though.  Some people always want to be high cause it makes everything more enjoyable.  Others smoke it to get out of their reality.

There’s some hardcore stoners out there who think smoking weed is for everyone and if you don’t do it then there’s something wrong with you like you’re a square or you just don’t know how to enjoy it.  They’re just being bias and trying to strengthen their own existence.
I will say though, if you have negative thoughts, smoking weed can enhance those thoughts and make it worse.  It’s a pretty good sign that you got to fix some shit in your life whether it be internally or externally.

What I’ve come to realize though is almost all potheads will want to quit smoking weed sooner or later.  Almost everyone I know who smoked weed regularly for years has wanted to quit.  Reasons ranging from money, foggy mind, physical health or just a lifestyle change.  I suppose a significant other nagging them to quit is another one.

I’ve come across a few people who smoked weed to alleviate their depressing thoughts.  They say it works but of course it’s only temporary.  They also tell me they feel using this as an escape too often leads to more negativity in their mind.

Marijuana for medicinal purposes?  Yes I believe this.  It helps with pain and other things as well.  I want to get a card for myself just for kicks.  They have places in Vancouver where you can buy pot cookies and brownies.  I know I don’t really like weed but it be cool to have one of these cards.  I’ll just tell my doctor I have insomnia or something.

Is it addictive?  Not in the classical sense but if you smoke it often it’s definitely going to become habitual.  There are definitely withdrawal symptoms just not as severe as alcohol or harder drugs.  Possible symptoms could be insomnia and irritability.  If you live a good portion of your awakened existence high on weed you will feel something if you quit.

Is it bad for you?  In some way it has to be cause you’re smoking something.  Plus you don’t know for sure what’s in that weed.  But there’s worse things you can do like be an alcoholic or be a total junk food lover.  Marijuana has never killed anyone and that’s a fact.  I have this hunch though that if you’re a chronic marijuana smoker  you may have a hard time reproducing.  I’ve heard a couple stories.   I’m sure there’s other things it can do to you too.

Conclusion?  If your neighbours smoked weed, I’m sure you could still get along.  If they were heroin users, alcoholics or just assholes it would be a different story.  Smoking weed is not for everyone but some people love it.  I think it’s probably best if you didn’t feel like you had to smoke it everyday but whatever.  Also it does cost money so if you can’t afford it really then you might want to think about cutting down.  I know dudes who spend $400 a month and they got money issues.  I don’t know.  I guess if you feel smoking weed is more important then who am I to judge.  I could possibly feel the same way if I liked smoking weed.

I definitely think though many potheads are a little too sensitive when there’s any bad mouthing of marijuana.  There’s this whole culture now of weed advocates.  It’s almost like 911 conspiracy believers or corporation haters.  Kind of like a bandwagon culture.

I really wish I could just be a pothead.  Work and them come home and get stoned.  Plus there’s so many people to smoke weed with.  It’s like a social thing.  “Want to come over and smoke a joint?”  I don’t know.  Maybe one day.



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